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Irish businesses third most pessimistic: report

Irish firms have ranked as the third most pessimistic – coming in only behind Spain and Japan.

IRISH BUSINESSES HAVE been found to be the third most pessimistic in a study that included 39 different countries, according to the consultancy group Grant Thornton.

Ireland was ranked only below Spain and Japan on the pessimism scale.

However the report also had some good news, declaring entrepreneurial spirit to be “alive and well” – evidence of which was best seen in attitudes towards exports.  It found that privately-owned Irish businesses tied with German businesses as the second-most optimistic regarding their outlook for exports in 2011 (both at 41 per cent) – coming in just behind Turkey (61 per cent).

The report indicates that outlooks are up more positive regarding exports across the globe this year.

Meanwhile, trust in Irish businesses is on the rise, going up 15 points from last year to 46 per cent. The technology sector is the most trusted sector, at 75 per cent, while banks are the least trusted – with just six per cent of those surveyed responding positively.

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