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Irishman arrested in Ibiza after drugs detected in his suitcase

The drugs were identified by a sniffer dog in Ibiza Airport.

POLICE HAVE ARRESTED an Irish holidaymaker after a sniffer dog picked up drugs in his suitcase on a luggage belt at Ibiza Airport.

Officers held the 38 year old yesterday after watching him collect the case the drugs that had been detected in.

The illicit substances, comprising nearly 30 grams of cocaine as well as ecstasy tablets and several grams of cannabis resin, were hidden inside an otherwise-empty bottle of shower gel.

It was not immediately clear today if the tourist has already appeared in court for a remand hearing and whether he has been released on bail pending an ongoing criminal probe or remanded in custody.

A spokesman for the Civil Guard, confirming the arrest, said: “Civil Guard officers have arrested an Irish national in the arrivals area of Ibiza Airport as the suspected author of a crime of drug trafficking.

“The drugs were discovered on Sunday afternoon during a routine search Civil Guard officers were carrying out in the luggage reclaim area, assisted by a specialist sniffer dog called Ahzarus trained to detect illicit substances.

“The dog which was walking around one of the luggage belts, ‘marked’ one of the suitcases on a flight coming from Ireland.

“When the passenger picked up his case, the officers asked him to open it in a private customs area.

“Inside they found a bottle of shower gel with several packages inside that contained 28 grams of cocaine, 15 ecstasy tablets and several more grams of cannabis resin.”