Father shot dead by his 14-year-old son was training him for a "zombie apocalypse"

Idaho teenager Eldon Samuel III had been taught how to “shoot them in the head.”

eldonsamuelcrop Eldon Samuel III

AN IDAHO MAN shot dead by his then 14-year-old son had been training him for a “zombie apocalypse”, the boy’s mother told a court this week.

Eldon Samuel III, now 16, admits killing his father on 24 March 2014, by shooting him in the stomach, before firing more shots at him, after he was dead.

Samuel has also admitted to shooting his 13-year-old brother Jonathan, before attacking him with a machete and killing him.

His lawyers, however, are arguing that the boy’s 46-year-old father, also named Eldon, was abusive towards his family, addicted to prescription drugs, and had been obsessively planning for an attack by zombies.

“He was moody. He was high a lot, controlling, physically and mentally abusive,” Tina Samuel told Kootenai County District Court this week, according to the Spokesman-Review newspaper.

When asked what Samuel’s father was training him to do, she replied:

To shoot them in the head and chop off their head. That’s the only way to kill a zombie.

The boy’s mother also testified that Eldon Samuel Jr had prepared a trailer specifically for the “zombie apocalypse”, and filled it with guns, knives, ammunition, water and canned food, the Coeur d’Alene Press in Idaho reports.

When the family lived in California, the father would often take his two sons up to the mountains in the trailer, where he would train them to shoot guns and use weapons.

At night, they would watch zombie-themed horror films as well as playing adult computer games including Grand Theft Auto 5 and The Walking Dead, the court heard.

Samuel, who is being tried as an adult, is charged with the second-degree murder of his father and brother.

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