# Law and Order

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Youth worker: 'I could easily have been one of those rioting'
Richard Belzer - comedian and Law & Order: SVU star - dies aged 78
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US officials investigating 'bribery scheme' involving donations in return for presidential pardons
Almost all women in Irish prisons are there for committing petty crime
Ulster U20 semi-final marred by ugly post-match scenes as mass brawl erupts
'Dog's dinner' judges Bill is going to be passed by summer, says Ross
Whatever is happening to that 'dog's dinner' of a Bill?
Judges say new appointments bill is 'seriously flawed'
Garda reps say martial law was threatened - Taoiseach says it was never contemplated
Shock of Gibraltar: Rodgers' Celtic go down to minnows in Champions League tie
Kazakhstan to chemically castrate paedophiles
Fergus McFadden cited for alleged stamp on former team-mate Nathan White
Die Hard actor and former Senator Fred Thompson dies aged 73
A world first: There are now more female than male solicitors in Ireland
Public order offences down in Dublin as gardaí target drunks and 'aggressive begging'
"It’s very easy to have an establishment view." Minister wants open competition for top Garda job
Two-week suspension means Tom Court may have played his last game for Ulster
Rival coaches in agreement, dangerous tackle punishments need a serious review
More gardaí on duty at certain times under roster changes
US town to fine people $20 for swearing in public
Explainer: How can ministers sign laws without Dáil approval?
Prime numbers: the week in stats
Cabinet approves plans to scrap up to 3,000 old and obsolete laws
Rory feels the long arm of the law – and Skypes Boston cop’s sister back in Dublin