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6 hacks that will make your life a little easier

We could all do with things being a touch easier, right?

WE COULD ALL do with life being a bit easier.

We’re not asking for much, are we? Just for things to run smoothly and those daily niggling annoyances to just be wiped away.

Well, with these tips, we can make your life a little bit easier. Nice, right?

1. Text replacement

Tired of your texts being autocorrected? There’s a simple way to make that easier and a lot speedier too – set your own autocorrects. See here how to do it. (And resist the temptation to change other people’s autocorrects as a prank. You’re better than that…).

mnf Source: Mashable

2. Timed playlist

Do you have trouble getting out the door in the morning? Well, make that easier by creating a timed playlist. If you know you have 30 mins after getting out of bed to be out the front door, make a playlist on Spotify that exact length. When the music stops, your time is up. Sort of like an adult version of musical chairs.

pal Source: Spotify

3. Alarm clock room

Speaking of mornings… If you’re a night owl, you might find that you over-use that snooze button on your alarm clock. Stick it across the room so that you have to physically get up to turn it off. You’ll be less likely to get back into bed and turn over for another couple of Zs.

alam Source: Giphy

4. Roll clothes

Stop, drop and roll…your clothes when you’re packing instead of folding. Less creases and more space – which is really exactly what you want when you’re packing, right?

Source: eHow/YouTube

5. Brush teeth stop eating

Trying to cut down on snacking in the evenings? Consider brushing your teeth at the time you want to stop eating – say 7pm – and then you’ll be a lot less likely to idly pick up that packet of biscuits while watching telly. No one likes eating with a minty mouth, after all.

sn Source: Giphy

6. Laundry basket

There’s nothing worse after a trip to the supermarket than the long slog of bringing in all the bags from the boot of the car. Here’s a tip: pop a laundry basket in the boot before you go, then simply carry all the bags at once. One trip and you’re in the door. Magic.

nd Source: Pinterest

Have you got any tips for making life that little bit easier? Leave them in the comments below to help your fellow readers out.

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