Here's what Nintendo announced at its E3 digital event

A new open-world Legend of Zelda game was announced as well as a level creator for Super Mario Bros.

LAST BUT NOT least, Nintendo held its E3 keynote event earlier today. Unlike Microsoft and Sony which had live keynotes, Nintendo decided to hold a pre-recorded event showing off everything that’s coming up this year and next.

When it wasn’t displaying a fight scene between its CEO and the Nintendo of America President (it really needs to be seen to be believed), and showing Robot Chicken style sketches, here were the most noticeable announcements from the event.

Super Smash Bros
Release Date: December

This announcement was expected anyway but Nintendo did provide extra details on a new feature called Amiibo, which uses figurines to transfer and save player data. The NFC toys have a number of uses, for example in Super Smash Bros using a Mario figurine means he shows up as a new fighter, teams up with your current fighter or just spar against.

Nintendo / YouTube

You can also choose your own Mii as a fighter, choosing three different classes, brawler, swordsman and gunner, should you want to see a version of yourself duke it out with Captain Falcon.

Nintendo / YouTube

Hyrule Warriors
Release Date: 26 September

Practically Destiny Warriors meets Zelda – and developed by the same team behind the former – will see Link, Zelda, Impa and Midna (from Twilight Princess) battle against armies and multiple battles happening at the same time.

The game will have a two player mode where one person can play on the TV while the other users the GamePad.

Nintendo / YouTube

The Legend Of Zelda
Release Date: 2015

Announcing a new Zelda title alone is enough to get people excited, but what will separate the Wii U edition from other games in the series is that it will be an open-world experience. While previous Zelda games featured a large world, getting from point A to B involved following a predetermined path.

The team behind Zelda Wii U say this is no longer the case. If you can see it in the distance, you can make your way over there.

GamesHQMedia / YouTube

Mario Maker
Release Date: Not announced

Nintendo’s answer to Project Spark and LittleBigPlanet involves a level creator for its most famous game Super Mario Bros. Create your own levels, add enemies, powerup and create the most insane level you can think of. You can even adapt the look of New Super Mario Bros. U if you don’t like the retro look.

Nintendo / YouTube

Release Date: 2015

One of the more original titles announced by Nintendo, Splatoon is a first/third person multiplayer game that is all about ink. Two teams of four player are tasked with covering the entire level with ink, the team whose colour covers the level the most wins.

It looks silly, messy and fun. If it manages to convince gamers that it’s not just a game for the kids, it could be a hit.

Nintendo / YouTube

Bayonetta 2
Release Date: October

Unlike the original which appeared on Xbox 360 and PS3 but not on the Wii back in 2009, the sequel to Platinum Games’ crazy action hack and slash title will be a Wii U exclusive

The big feature behind this announcement is that you will be getting two games for the price of one. The original Bayonetta will be included with the sequel and Nintendo exclusive costumes will also feature.

Nintendo / YouTube

Yoshi’s Wooly World
Release Date: 2015

Definitely one game that will bring a smile on your face, down entirely to Yoshi who’s made out of yarn, the gameplay mechanics are a mixture of Yoshi’s New Island and Kirby’s Epic Yarn so expect it to be greater than the sum of its parts.

Nintendo / YouTube

Star Fox
Release Date: Not announced

While it wasn’t announced during Nintendo’s event, Nintendo did confirm that a new Star Fox game is in the works, and would utilise the Wii U’s GamePad motion control capabilities. While no date has been given, it’s could likely see a release in 2015.

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