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One man's quest to get off the grid - and the holiday cottage he has to show for it

The cottage was originally built in 1820 and took five years to renovate.

IF RUNNING AWAY and escaping all the madness sounds like something you’d be into -read on.

This holiday cottage originally built in 1820 and renovated by Derek Trenaman of Ceardean Architects is a lesson in getting off the grid altogether.

Tania Flores Tania Flores

It’s taken Derek five years and lots of research but he has a beautiful holiday home in Sligo to show for all his hard work.

DSC_0896 Tania Flores Tania Flores

Some of the ecological innovations might not be your cup of tea – such as the sawdust composting toilet and a hand-pumped well – but perfectly suit the environmentally-friendly nature of the house.

DSC_0910 Tania Flores Tania Flores

Water is provided by a water well and pumped directly to the attic where it is passed through a sediment filter, a carbon filter and finally UV light before landing in a clean water storage tank.

It takes 20 minutes of pumping to get water for the whole day.

DSC_0942 Tania Flores Tania Flores

A key factor in keeping your house cosy is insulation and the walls and floors were insulated to a very high specification.

DSC_0974 Tania Flores Tania Flores

Triple glazed windows were installed and the cottage was made significantly more airtight. This has hugely helped to retain heat and make a cosy home.

DSC_1119 Tania Flores Tania Flores

The house is heated by a multi-fuel stove with backboiler to heat radiators in each room and the water for the sinks and bath. There are also independent stoves in each room for heating when the boiler is not in use.

DSC_1215 Tania Flores Tania Flores

Derek generates electricity from solar panels and wind turbines and has raised garden beds where he’s endeavouring to grow as much of his own food as possible.

DSC_0056 Tania Flores Tania Flores

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