The incident happened in the Saskatchewan city of Regina. (File photo) Flickr/sillygwailo

Irishman in Canada charged with breaking into bank by driving car through front door

Police say Patrick Shannon assaulted police officers.

AN IRISH MAN living in Canada has been charged with breaking into a bank after allegedly driving his car through the front door.

Patrick Shannon has also been charged with resisting arrest and with two counts of assaulting a police officer. In total he has been charged with seven offences.

The early morning incident happened at about 12.40am on Monday 2 January in the city of Regina in central Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Shannon (29) is alleged to have smashed through the doors of the bank with his car before exiting the vehicle and walking further into the bank.

The Regina Police Service say the accused was by himself during the incident and was seen to be carrying firearm.

Police say he then attempted to gain entrance to the bank’s vault before getting back into the vehicle and leaving the scene.

Police officers stopped the vehicle on a main road about three blocks away.

It is claimed that Shannon physically assaulted the police officers during the arrest.

Local media are reporting that Shannon is the managing partner at Shannon’s Pub and Grill, a bar on the opposite side of the car park from where the bank was broken into.

The Regina Leader Post also reports that the firearm mentioned by police was actually a pellet gun.

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