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Poll: Should bankers get their bonuses?

Up to 2,400 staff in AIB are set to benefit from €40 million in bonuses. Is this only fair, or is too much of a kick in the teeth to taxpayers? Let us know what you think.

MORE THAN 2,400 staff at troubled Allied Irish Bank are set to scoop up to €40 million in bonuses next week, after the government’s decision to scrap the payments was successfully challenged in court by one of the bank’s traders.

AIB, which is expected to become 95 per cent state-owned, believes that as a result of the legal ruling, it now will have to stump up for all the bonuses awarded in 2008 – which had been withheld under the government’s bank guarantee.

What do you think? Should the bankers get their bonuses, or should they be told to take a hike? Do you even care?

Poll Results:

No. It's obscene (827)
Yes. They're legally entitled (90)
Don't care. This is a distraction (36)

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