What else could I get for the pricetag on... the best B&B in Dublin

We take a look at what €475,000 could get you around the country.

FOR A LOT of people the idea of owning a B&B is a bit of a fantasy.

Changing career and downsizing has a lot of appeal.

Well, the best B&B in Dublin* has come onto the market – and is going for just under half a million (€475,000).

*The unique property is currently ranked as Number 1 on Trip Advisor’s list of B&Bs in the capital.

Located on the North Circular Road, the property is walking distance from the city centre and dates back to the early part of the 19th century. The house maintains a number of its period features – including a fireplace in each room.

As part of its current operation, the ‘Two Rooms Bed and Breakfast’ operates in a manner that the name suggests with two rooms in the property available to guests.

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The period property has been thoroughly reworked and damp-proofed throughout. Care has been taken in maintaining its interior – demonstrated in the steps taken to preserve its sash windows.

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The four-bedroom home comes with a basement area containing two of its double bedrooms. One of these rooms can optionally be converted into an office.

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The property’s description also says it benefits from a community garden located at the end of its street. The street has a pleasant atmosphere to it as it underwent a refurbishment programme in 2008.

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Here’s what €475,000 would get you around the rest of the country…


For a similar amount of cash (€495,000), you could get your hands on this 8-bedroom in Wicklow.

The home, named ‘Tir Na Nog’ – after the Irish myth of the ‘Land of Youth’ – the home sits overlooking Wicklow’s sand dunes and Brittas Bay Beach.

The property is broken into two residences, with six bedrooms contained in the main house and two more in an additional apartment annexed to the residence. Located close by are a number of restaurants and sporting facilities that accommodate residents and visitors to the seaside town.

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This modern five-bedroom home comes onto the market for €469,000. The interior of the home is said to be bright, spacious and suitable to family living.

A big advantage with this home is that it is built on one acre of its own ground – giving plenty of room for expansion. It also comes fitted with its own septic tank, meaning a reduction on the water charges.

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This house has more than 2,000 sq. ft. of floor space and comes onto the market for €490,000.

It has recently been expanded and had its interior renovated to the benefit of any potential buyer. The home is said to have a favourable ‘East-West aspect’ – allowing to benefit from natural sunlight.

It also has a spacious patio to the rear – allowing for the exotic option of ‘al fresco’ dining. Although realistically, this being Ireland, that probably isn’t going to happen too often.

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