Want to stop smoking? Here are 7 great reasons for quitting you might not have thought about

And some happen as soon as you stub out that last cigarette.

IF YOU’VE EVER thought about stopping smoking, today is as good a day as any.

But quitting is really hard to do even when you know the benefits of doing so. Information is power, though, and maybe all you need to stub out your final cigarette for good is a little more knowledge. Here are seven lesser-known benefits to quitting smoking.

You can do it. Good luck.

1. You’ll feel less stressed

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One of the reasons it’s hard to quit smoking is because people often smoke when they’re stressed and think that it helps to calm them down.

However, it’s thought that it’s not actually anything in the cigarette that calms you down, but rather the fact that you’re taking deep breaths, which would calm you down anyway. Scientific studies have shown that stress levels are lower when people quit smoking.

2. You’ll be able to taste and smell again

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One definite benefit to quitting smoking, that you’ll see an improvement in very soon, is that your sense of taste and smell will come back to you. You might not have even realised how diminished these senses have become – but you’ll be delighted once you get them back. You’ll literally be able to stop and smell the roses again.

3. Your fertility will improve

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If you’re trying for a baby, then you have another reason to quit smoking – it will help you with your fertility. Smoking affects the lining of the womb, and quitting reduces the risk of miscarriage.

4. Your skin won’t age as fast

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Skin gets drier when you smoke and as a result leads to more lines and premature aging. Even the action of smoking can create lines around the eyes and mouth. So quitting smoking not only keeps you feeling good, you’ll look better too.

5. Your breath will smell sweeter

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And your teeth won’t yellow as quickly. While there is a certain amount of yellowing associated with age, smokers’ teeth usually yellow much more quickly.  Now, you could keep smoking and spend money on fancy teeth-whitening procedures, or you could quit and see how much slower they yellow when you’re off the cigarettes for a while.

6. You’ll breathe easier

Breathe. ruth p clark ruth p clark

It’s no secret that inhaling smoke into your lungs isn’t helping them perform at optimum levels. People who give up smoking find their lung capacity can improve by up to 10% within nine months of quitting. You’ll cough less too.

7. You’ll help others stop passive smoking

Family katgrigg katgrigg

The World Health Organisation has said that secondhand smoke is a class A carcinogen and particularly harmful to children.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you may try, you can’t stop secondhand smoke affecting the people around you,  so quitting is not only good for you, but good for them too.

Have you quit smoking? Give inspiration to those trying to quit in the comments below.

If you’re thinking of quitting and you need some help, head over to Nicorette for more information and support. Nicorette – do something incredibleNICORETTE® contains nicotine. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. Requires willpower.

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