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Government looks to subsidise cost of antigen tests to help people buy them at a lower price
Antigen tests should be free to members of the public, says Mary Lou McDonald
HSE in talks with pharmacies about distributing antigen tests to the wider public
State could buy 500,000 antigen tests per week as Govt told rapid testing may play 'important role'
Rapid testing to be piloted in four universities, says minister
Rapid testing 'could be deployed in all schools by September 2021'
Health Minister: 'If you do need to travel home for Christmas - follow traffic light rules'
Transport minister says government wants an airport testing system in place by Christmas
Sheedy: Rapid testing 'absolutely worth considering' if it makes games safer to play
Rapid testing should be considered but it's not as accurate as the test we currently use, Hiqa says
New rapid HIV testing project looking to Ireland's bars and workplaces