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Got 10 mins to spare? Step into the Reading Room...

The best photos of 2014, and Jay from Serial speaks.

LOOKING FOR SOME articles and videos to help break up the afternoon, but only have 10 minutes to spare?

Try these nuggets for size – all take 10 minutes or less to enjoy.

1. The best photos of 2014

Australia-Police Operation-Gallery AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

According to The Guardian… which one’s your favourite? [The Guardian - 5 mins]

2. Google’s 2015 plans

China Gmail Blocked AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

What’s the web giant working on for 2015? Let this extensive article fill you in. [Arstechnica]

3. Short story

Colin Barrett, author of Young Skins, writes for the New Yorker. Fans of Kevin Barry will enjoy this. [New Yorker - 10mins+]

Another fight, Sap said: Gerry and two lads in the basement locker rooms before first class, an argument escalating to blows, and now Gerry was being detained in Sap’s office until such time as someone could come pick him up.

4. Jay speaks 

serial  pic

Fan of Serial? Here’s Jay Wilds very first interview. I’ll be waiting in the comments to hear your thoughts… [The Intercept - 5 mins]

It wasn’t just like I was selling a nickel bag here and there. At the time, this was Maryland in the ’90s, the drug laws were extremely serious. I saw the ATF and DEA take down guys in my neighborhood for selling much less than I was at the time. And they were getting sentenced to three and five years. I also ran the operation out of my grandmother’s house and that also put my family at risk. I had a lot more on the line than just a few bags of weed.

5. New Year’s resolutions

New Years Fitness Resolution PA Archive / Press Association Images PA Archive / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

Made lots of New Year’s resolutions? Want to keep them? Here’s the science behind them. [Vox - 5 mins]