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Catherine Healy/ Identity Ireland founders Alan Tighe, Peter O'Loughlin and Gary Allen.
Challenging the consensus is necessary if the Irish state is to regain its sovereignty, writes Identity Ireland leader Peter O’Loughlin.

WHAT A STRANGE world we live in. When we look for truth or answers from our current representatives we are often left not only disappointed but confused. Sound-bites, political doublespeak and waffle fill our airwaves and columns. This is a result of a know-nothing political culture, filled with speech writers, expert advisors and political gurus all paid handsome amounts of taxpayers money to tell politicians how to essentially lie to their own people.

We in Identity Ireland despise this political culture. In order to help change it we decided to bring policies based on reason and knowledge into the public sphere by organising and bringing our message to the Irish people. Policies which are dominating debate across the European continent due to their importance. Unfortunately not everyone in this country has the respect for free speech which we have.

Challenging the consensus is not an easy thing to do. The consensus is after all comprised of money, wealth, power and status. It is very important that this consensus is not challenged if these perks aren’t to be lost. From immigration lawyers to political landlords, anti-racism groups to big business, they all have a vested interest in the Brussels backed status quo, in mass immigration and in the silencing of political opposition. Immigration is big business. Why else do you think that talking about every other issue is acceptable, but even mention the words “controlled immigration policy” and you suddenly have 50 raving lunatics trying to shut down a democratic meeting!


After all are our policies not reasonable? The euro is a proven economic failure, with no substance or foundation, doomed to fail since its inception. Does it not make sense to peacefully dismantle it before it collapses causing chaos?

Major European leaders such as Cameron and Merkel have admitted the failure of multiculturalism years ago yet it is still being pushed! This despite ghettoisation and rising social discord. What lunacy is this?

Major European countries have lost control of their ability to control their borders. Cameron promised less than 100,000 migrants last year, yet there were roughly 350,000. Calais is a mess. As we predicted the situation in the Mediterranean is actually going from bad to worse due to rescue and ferry operations instead of rescue and repatriate while building new border controls.

And at the heart of it all lies the EU itself, a union which has become no more than an unholy alliance of technocrats, autocrats and bankers as exemplified by the likes of Peter Sutherland, Jean Claude Juncker and Mario Draghi. If you scrunch up your nose hard enough you can pretty much smell the avarice and greed in Brussels from here.

ii Catherine Healy / Identity Ireland founders Alan Tighe, Peter O'Loughlin and Gary Allen. Catherine Healy / /

Our true masters

These are our true masters, not the know nothing politicians in the Dáil who I alluded to earlier. These are the people who wish to undermine our nations and our identity. From the rebels of 1798 to the men and women of 1916, Irish identity has brought us together. Catholic or Protestant, landed or un-landed, merchant or peasant, our identity has always linked us together in our drive for freedom from the rule of others. An identity forged through blood, sacrifice and beauty. An identity which defines us today as Irish men and women. An identity whose goal was to create a prosperous, free society and bring out the very best in all Irish people and those who are fully willing to become part of our identity.

Yet they keep pushing to destroy it. The people of Europe will never accept these men and women dominating their societies indefinitely but the eurocrats will not give up on their dream of complete domination. If you’re wondering why the migrant flood into Europe is worsening and why multiculturalism is still being pushed despite leaders admitting to its failure, this is why. It is a sign of desperation. Flood Europe as quickly as possible. If national identities can be destroyed then perhaps the European Superstate can survive.

Power drive

What we are involved in is an imperial power drive, something so common in history that it cannot be considered something strange. It is the first time our generation has experienced it though. As with all drives for power and autocracy it can only be achieved by distorting the truth and shutting down debates. The eurocrats know that only strong national opposition can thwart them, hence their efforts to undermine and destroy identity.

“And that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine” – Peter Sutherland

So if you are wondering why Identity Ireland is subject to such abuse and attacks the likes of which no other party has to endure, this is the reason. We are the only party which is willing to challenge the Brussels bloc. We are the only party which advocates for full Irish sovereignty, for freedom for the Irish people, and that the Irish people should always come first in their own country. We argue for mature debate and reflection on our position in Europe and the wider world, not lies, abuse and hyperbolic nonsense.

We hope that others never have to go through what we have gone through just to air our views in public. The sheer level of hate and toxicity levelled at us by people who don’t know us or have never even spoken to us is astounding and appalling. All we ask is that people base their arguments on what is said and written and not on mistruths and hatred.

We cannot allow ignorance to win out over common sense otherwise our society is in severe trouble. We in Identity Ireland will continue to strive to give the Irish people a pro-sovereignty option on the ballot paper and a chance to fight back against the new EU empire.

It’s a strange world where honesty and freedom of speech is so despised. Let all reasonable people ensure that it doesn’t become the norm.

Peter O’ Loughlin is co-founder and chairman of Identity Ireland.

This article was commissioned as a right-of-reply to this opinion piece, originally published on 4 August.

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