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Sex Week

The Diaries: The 20-something newlywed who has a lot of fantasies

“Woke up and tried to initiate morning sex…

This article contains content of a very explicit nature. 

EVERY NIGHT THIS week as part of our Sex Week series will be running a seven-day diary submitted by readers.

The Editor asked each diarist to anonymise their entries but to be as honest as possible in terms of activities and thoughts.

The diaries have been lightly edited for style and length but are the diarist’s own words.

Tonight, we hear from a man in his 20s who has just got married….


“Woke up and tried to initiate morning sex but my wife was having none of it as she said her period had ran long and was still not fully gone. I went for a shower and left to go about my day.

“Throughout the day I did not really think too much about sex. Tonight, she said that she was now off her period fully and had a shower so we had a very rough session. It ended with me wanting her to jerk me off onto her face and body but she wasn’t up for that after her shower so she aimed it at my stomach. I saw the funny side to it.”


Woke up absolutely aching for sex but the wife had already left for work so I pulled out the laptop and went straight to and masturbated to a gangbang scene.

“I did not reach climax due to being interrupted by a phone call, it was about my phone service so naturally I lost the mood. I thought about sex a lot during the day, mostly about wanting my wife to be a bit more adventurous. Tonight we had a few glasses of wine and a couple of heavy make out sessions. Nothing more.”


Early start, shower, breakfast and kept busy working for most of the day without time to think. Not really much to talk about. Had a few cheeky feels of her ass and breasts while doing the shopping tonight but only for the giggles.


“Another early start but back home by midday. Very horny today so I tried a few kisses to the neck the moment I saw her and was told “not now”. A couple of hours later, I tried again and ended up inserting a few fingers up her skirt while watching television but it didn’t go further as we had to go visit her family. Saw her brother’s girlfriend bend down to get a beer from the fridge, enjoyed the view and noticed her thong ride up above her leggings. Had a few thoughts about what she might look like naked.

Arrived home with my wife and ended up giving mutual oral. Tried my best to get her to deepthroat which she did, however she stopped after gagging a few times. I told her that I found it a turn on but she said it isn’t possible for a guy to enjoy hearing those sounds (If only she knew).

“I asked her to grind back and forth on my face as hard as she could but she was wary about whether it would hurt me so she was gentle. Kind of took the energy out of the situation because I like it rough. We both climaxed through the oral session so it stopped there.”


“Woke up still tired, we spent most of the day shopping. This evening we went out. Again I took note of a few attractive looking women and had a few thoughts. After a few drinks I got very flirty and playful with my wife and tried my best to get her home so we could have sex.

It was a no-go area as she wanted to have another few drinks first. When we got home we kissed and cuddled but I could see she was too tired so it was straight to bed and sleep.


“Got up and went for a shower, asked my wife to join me but it was refused had a kiss on the cheek and that was it. I waited for her to get in for her shower and watched a sex scene without masturbating. I find that it keeps me mentally aroused for the day when I watch a scene without masturbating.

I had lots of sexual thoughts through the day, many about wanting to watch my wife masturbate and wanting her to engage in more public acts.

“It is a very empowering concept to know that the woman who chose to be with me is desired by other men. She went to visit a relation tonight so I masturbated to the idea of having a cock in each of the three areas she could take them. Afterwards she arrived home and was up for sex but I wasn’t in the mood after masturbating. I fingered her on the couch and gave some oral until she was happy and then we went to bed.”


Early start, work until 6pm. We ate dinner and watched Netflix for the evening with some wine. Literally went to bed and straight to sleep. There wasn’t a lot else going on today.


“Both of us were at home today, we had a few kisses and gropes here and there but that was just telling each other that we find each other a turn on. She told me at about 8pm that I should go pick up a bottle of red wine and a bottle of rosé. That is her way of saying ‘we are going to have sex’.

We had some drinks and started out on the couch. I slipped my hand between her thighs and she returned the favour by taking hold of what is between mine.

“After a while, I had her sit back on the couch with spread legs and I provided oral foreplay to get her ready. We then started a very hard and fast paced session. Again I wanted this to end with myself ejaculating onto her face and body but she said because of the time it was, she wasn’t going for a shower so upon compromise she finished me off with a blowjob and swallowed. I did appreciate the effort a lot because the best orgasm I have experienced time and time again has been by way of oral.”

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