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Want faster broadband? 5 expert tips to take your wi-fi speed up a level

Mistake #1: Tucking your modem away behind the TV.

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RIGHT NOW, STAYING connected is more important than ever.

We’re keeping in touch with colleagues via laptops and tablets, video chatting loved ones on our smartphones, and swapping nights out for cosy evenings in front of Netflix.

Our devices have become an even more meaningful part of our daily routines. With that comes a need for our Wi-Fi connection to be as fast, as reliable and as smooth as possible. No blurry video calls, buffering of YouTube videos or ‘still loading’ messages, please.

With Vodafone Gigabit Broadband you’ll always be assured of getting the best download speeds available at your address, but there are still some practical changes you can make at home to ensure your connection is as strong as it can be.

Read on for some reasons your connection may be slow, and how to help speed it up…

1. Your modem is in the wrong place

Make sure the modem is in an open space and positioned as high off the ground as possible (at least on a table or piece of furniture). Windows, walls and anything metal can affect the Wi-Fi signal. Avoid placing the modem behind a TV or in a cabinet.

Placing your modem in the centre of your home will provide better coverage to more of your home. The speed and strength of the Wi-Fi signal depends on the distance between the modem and the devices you’re using.

Tip: The front of the modem (the flat side with the lights on it) should face outwards into the room.

2. Devices like the microwave are causing interference

Appliances such as microwaves, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices and even baby monitors can have an effect on your Wi-Fi connection. They can interrupt the signal on the Wi-Fi as they use the same wireless bands. Having your modem near one of these appliances, or, for example, being on a video call while using your microwave, can have an affect on the Wi-Fi signal.

3. Too many people are using the Wi-Fi at the same time

It is best to disconnect devices from the Wi-Fi when you’re not using them, as multiple people using Wi-Fi at the same time can slow Wi-Fi speeds. Simply turn off the devices or turn off Wi-Fi in your settings. This will ensure the devices you’re using at the time are getting the best connection.

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4. You’re using the Wi-Fi for a lot of streaming and gaming

Certain activities like video streaming, online gaming and downloading large files can take up a lot of your Wi-Fi signal. It is best to connect the devices using these features (be it a gaming console or a smart TV) directly to your modem with a wired Ethernet connection where possible . This will help free up more signal for smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices.

5. Your devices are old or your software needs updating

Older devices may not be able to achieve fast wireless speeds, as they use older Wi-Fi technology. For example, if your broadband connection is high-speed, but your device is older and can only support slower speeds, then you’ll never reach the full peak of your connection speed. Keeping devices and software up-to-date will ensure the best Wi-Fi experience.

Get Vodafone Broadband for just €20 a month for your first six months! You’ll enjoy unlimited online downloads, the best download speeds available at your address, and much more. 

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