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Ten questions that could tell whether you’re a sociopath…

Sociopaths can be sexy and beguiling but they also fail to feel sympathy, empathy or guilt.

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A NEW BOOK called ‘Confessions of a Sociopath; A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight’, written by pseudonymous author ME Thomas, describes what it’s like to be a sociopath — someone who lacks the ability to feel or sympathise with others.

Sociopaths can be sexy and beguiling; they take risks the rest of us don’t and come across as bold and exciting. Socially, they are often leaders, the life and soul of the party.

The downside is that they regard others to be used, don’t feel sympathy, empathy or guilt, and are often one step away from becoming what psychologists used to call psychopaths: criminally vindictive types whose only motivation is to take advantage of weaker people.

In her book, Thomas describes many disturbing episodes from her own life, including the time she let a baby possum drown in her swimming pool because she couldn’t be bothered to fish it out with the net. In another chapter, she describes a recurring dream in which she kills her father with her bare hands – because she hates him.

Thomas is also a successful law professor, has children, and teaches Sunday school. Or so she says – grandiose lying is one of the characteristics of being a sociopath.

In her new book, Thomas says that a checklist of symptoms published in 1941 by Dr Gervey Cleckley really hit home with her.

Here are ten of them… so are you a sociopath?

Ten questions that could tell whether you’re a sociopath…
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  • Are you superficially charming and intelligent?

    For sociopaths, the answer to that question is yes. (Image: Shutterstock)
  • Do you have delusions or other signs of irrational thinking?

    For sociopaths, the answer is no. They're super-rational, coldly so. (Image: Shutterstock)
  • Do you feel remorse or shame?

    Sociopaths rarely do. Unlike this poor pooch. (Image: cote/Flickr)
  • Do you generally lack the ability to react emotionally?

    Sociopaths don't experience emotions the way the rest of us do. (Image: Shutterstock)
  • Do you make false suicide threats?

    Yes, sociopaths are attention seekers. (Image: Shutterstock)
  • Are you a crazy party fiend?

    Sociopaths engage in "fantastic and uninviting behaviour with drink and sometimes without," Cleckley says. Thomas adds that sociopaths often crave (meaningless) sex more than the rest of us too. (Image: Shutterstock)
  • Are you reliable?

    Sociopaths are not. (Image: jaqian/Flickr)
  • Are you overly nervous, or do you have other neuroses?

    Sociopaths are rarely nervous or anxious. They aren't scared of risk. (Image: Freddie Pena/Flickr)
  • Do you tell lies of say insincere things?

    Sociopaths are comfortable with not telling the truth when it suits them. (Image: Shutterstock)
  • Is your sex life impersonal, trivial or poorly integrated?

    Sociopaths lack the ability to love. (Image:Shutterstock)

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