On the road to success? Here's how to push it to the next level

The sky’s the limit…

WHERE DO YOU go when you’re already at the top? For people who have become successful at a very young age this can often be a somewhat daunting question.

Whether they wrote a best-selling novel aged 29 like Louise O’Neill, set up a tech company valued at a billion dollars by age 30 like the Collison brothers and Stripe, or were named Irish Designer of the Year at 26 like Rebecca Marsden, it might seem like a strange thing to be worried about.

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Not all of us have reached that level of success, of course, but there are plenty of people who are pretty far down a successful road - climbing that career ladder with ease or have built their business  to a certain level, and might be wondering what's next. Here are some tips and tricks to guide you on the path to even greater success. no matter where you are right now.

Develop your thinking

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Successful people are usually those who can think outside the box, who can spot an opportunity others didn't. You can also develop this type of thinking if it doesn't come naturally to you. From mind maps to creative connectivity there are lots of ways to expand your thinking, aid your creativity and develop your success.

Fools rush in

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New ideas, especially business ideas or those needing funding, training or collaboration, don't just pop out of nowhere - even if it may seem that way.

When you have a great idea, make sure and give plenty of time to develop it, working out the pros and cons before rushing in and spending any money on it or looking for funding. Better to find out at the early stages that it's not viable than after a lot of money has gone into it.

Move in different circles

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Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn attributes his success to the company he keeps. He says:

The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.

As you move up the ladder of success you'll find more successful peers to hang out with, learn from and maybe collaborate with.

Be aware of where your energy is being spent

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If you're successful, or on the path, you probably have a whole lot on your plate and run the risk of feeling overwhelmed.

Lists and prioritising what you need to do are your friends in this game, as well as being aware of where you spend your energy and making sure it's going to the right places, projects and ideas. That applies not only to your business or goal, but your health and well-being too.

Never (ever) give up

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There are so many stories of people being this close to success before giving up the struggle to get there as it was just too hard, or they ran out of energy. On the other hand, there are even more tales of people who just kept going, no matter how difficult it seemed. Successful people are adaptable folk who might change direction, but never give up.

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