# The New Dáil

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Pomp, ceremony and then stalemate: An odd first day for the 32nd Dáil
Enda to resign but stay on as caretaker Taoiseach
What exactly happens when the new Dáil sits on Thursday?
Boyd-Barrett becomes first TD kicked out of new Dáil
LIVE: Watch the Dáil discuss the Moriarty Report
Kenny insists again: 'Corporation tax is off the table'
The new government's first legislation... the old government's policy
The week in photos
Cabinet to lose ministerial Mercs and Garda drivers
"Perfectly clear" that corporation tax isn't on table - Kenny
Kenny to face first Leaders' Questions as Taoiseach
Joan Burton: 'I'm qualified to do most of the jobs in cabinet'
As it happened: Enda Kenny's appointment as Taoiseach
Fine Gael's Barrett to be nominated Ceann Comhairle
The change of power: how tomorrow's Dáil proceedings will work