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7 things only dog lovers will understand

So many dogs, so little time.

THERE ARE TWO types of people in this world, dog lovers and people who haven’t become dog lovers… yet.

When you are a dog lover there are certain things you know to be true that those who haven’t joined the club don’t quite understand.

Here are seven things only dog lovers will get.

1. You can’t resist any dog

dog Source: liverpoolhls via Flickr/CC

It doesn’t matter whose dog they are or what they look like, once you’re a dog lover you understand that all dogs are uniquely lovable and worthy of your time and adoration.

It can make walking down the street pretty tough when you have to stop to chat to every dog you meet (not the owner, mind) but that’s a price you’re willing to pay.

2. They’re always happy to see you

dog Source: Giphy

No matter what sort of a day you’ve had, coming home to a welcome from a dog is only going to improve it.

They’re just so doggone (sorry) excited to see you – even if you’ve only left the room for a few minutes. How many people do you know like that? Exactly.

3. Rules go out the window once you have them

Source: Belle & Nate Villegas/Vine

Remember before you got a dog and you or someone in your house said ‘that dog will never sleep on the bed, be fed from the table, or sit on the couch’?

Yeah… that changed fast, didn’t it? Now the dog rules the house. And you don’t even mind.

4. They all have individual personalities

Source: VIne/Alex Swindle

If you’re not a dog lover there’s a chance you might not know this, but every dog has its own distinct and individual personality. You just see a blur of fur and teeth, but what’s really there is a highly developed little personality desperately trying to communicate just how much they love you.

5. They dictate your social life

Truffle Source: star5112 via Flickr/CC

How many times have you had to cancel plans for a night out because you have to go home and feed the dog? Ok, sometimes you use that as an excuse to get out of going to things, but let’s be honest, you prefer being home with the dog anyway.

6. Yes, you take photos (and videos… and Vines…) of your dog


How could you not want to record their cuteness for all posterity? It would be cruel not to.

If you have to coo over photos of other people’s babies, it’s only fair you get to show photos of your baby.

7. Other people just don’t understand


And that’s ok. More dogs for you.

Are you a dog lover? Tell us what you love about them in the comments below.

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