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Tuesday 6 June 2023 Dublin: 14°C
# readers' comments
Top 10 readers' comments of the week
Here’s our round-up of the wittiest, most thought-provoking and original comments you made this week…

EVERY WEEK, WE take a look at the best comments left by you, our lovely readers, on

As always, the comments have attracted a lot of debate and discussion. This week, you’ve been talking a lot about plans for the new year, the household charge, racism in Ireland, the US presidential race, pensioners and their income tax, missing people in Ireland, and shopping around for groceries.

So without further ado, here’s our picks for our favourite comments of the week:

On Monday, Trevor O’Sullivan’s column about his ‘bucket list’ of thing he wanted to achieve since being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis brought out some amazing comments from readers. Two, in particular, stood out. One of Trevor’s dreams was to go to Philadelphia – and Lillian Sallee offered Trevor a place to stay when he arrives:

Trevor, I’m a Philadelphian, born and raised. I live a few minutes outside the city and work at a major academic medical center a few blocks from the Philadelphia Museum of Art which is the location of the Rocky Statue. I am welcoming you into my home to help defray some of the costs of your visit to Philly. Room, board and transportation are on the house, you just have to land in PHL. I am absolutely serious and sincere. If you can, please consider my offer. Is there a direct contact method to exchange information?

And with accommodation sorted, Joe Browne stepped in and offered to pay for the flights:

Hi Trevor, what an amazing story. Lillian has offered accommodation in the “city of brotherly love”, it’s time to start to booking your flight as I will pay for it. Happy New Year.

We’ll keep you updated on what happens.

In the poll asking readers whether or not they’re happy, Brian Daly put some perspective on it with this great comment:

It’s all about perception. The country is in ruins but my Son was recently born and I have an amazing daughter and wife (and a great dog), we rent a lovely house and we both have good enough jobs that after the govt rob half of it, we can live comfortably. There is a lot to be angry at in this country but I am very grateful for what I have. So yeah, I’m happy. Ask me again on payday though ;)

In the open thread asking if people were celebrating Women's Christmas, Michelle posted this about the importance of the day in appreciating the women in her life:

It’s a day for celebrating all the wonderful women in my life, those who have passed on and those still there. Tonight I toast them all. My grandmother taught me about the tradition, and yes times have changed since her days, but it’s nice to sit down tonight and look at all the decorations for one last time and think how blessed I am to have such incredible women in my life.

I’m all for equality, and I won’t be sitting around expecting my other half to do everything, but was touched when he asked me last night what I want for dinner tonight. He did that knowing how important my grandmother was to me, and how marking today is a tribute to her. And so I shall.

This article from last year makes some good points

A lot of readers liked Sean McDonagh's suggestion for how a man was apparently able to cross the US border using only his iPad:

border official probably went to the office to play angry birds. got a highscore so left the fella enter

Over on, Richard Fitzwell took the long view about Robbie Keane's possible transfer to from the MLS to Aston Villa:

Sure it’s his childhood dream to play for Aston villa!!

The sentencing of Stephen Lawrence's killers in London this week led to a discussion about racism and the effects of the case on the London police. Ally Carr contributed this:

It’s as though it was yesterday. Due to the relentless campaigning for justice by the Lawrence family in 1999 the McPhearson???Report was published. Which highlighted that the London Met was am”institutionally racist” police force and made 70 recommendations which were implemented by many forces internationally. The dreadful savage murder of this innocent A level student changed the secret tolerant culture of Racism in Britain. Mr and Mrs Lawrence are amazing parents. 18 years later I am still so very sorry for your loss.

Barry Williams had some useful advice for saving money in the poll asking if readers look for bargains when doing the weekly shop:

I have to say I live well because I budget my money ,But one of the best money saving tips is a list when you go shopping.Plan out 7 dinners and lunches. Then see what you already have then write it down. Check your washing powder and your shampoos .Then off you go. Ur ready.Stick to it or be flexible if something is cheaper and you will save money. And I know its an old saying but dont shop while hungry.You wil eat more.

Gareth Fletcher had this explanation for why he was not planning to pay the household charge:

I have real issue with the valuation-based property tax, I do not understand how they will decide what an individual property is worth. Are they going to visit each house in the country and make an assessment? They cannot possibly group all properties into bands by location and size. I really feel having a valuation placed on your house by government will be detrimental to the market and anyone trying to sell their home. If they are introducing water tax too, I want to know what services I will be getting for my property tax, I have a feeling it will be nothing.

Anyway on the €100 charge, I will not be registering and therefore not paying.

Finally, on Brian O'Brien had this to say to answer complaints from some users over why the Irish Open is taking place in Portrush:

Most amateur and professional events are played in southern ireland, the northern people never had a problem traveling and never complained, golf people know that Royal portush is a fantastic venue, and has produced excellent players. Let sport be sport.

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