Tough Start

Tough Start Live: How can the cycle of disadvantage be stopped for Traveller children?

Watch our discussion with key Traveller advocates on the major investigative series by Noteworthy and The Journal.

LAST UPDATE | Nov 20th 2021, 1:00 PM

SHOCKING OUTCOMES FOR Traveller children were recently exposed in our major collaborative investigation which is shortlisted for the Irish Red Cross Journalism Excellence Award 2021

In our TOUGH START project, reporters from Noteworthy and The Journal delved into the uphill battle facing Traveller children in health, education, housing and justice across a five-part series:

In this discussion reporters Maria Delaney from Noteworthy and Michelle Hennessy from The Journal - who both led the project – talk about their findings and work completed over the past number of months. 

They are joined by Mary Nevin, community development worker with Longford Traveller Primary Healthcare Project, and Anne Burke, Traveller Visibility Group education coordinator. 

This Noteworthy investigation was done in collaboration with The Journal. It was funded by you, our readers, with support from The Journal as well as the Noteworthy general fund to cover additional costs. 

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