Talk to Joe

Tubesday: Talk to Joe

Fancy putting words in Joe Duffy’s mouth?

TALK TO JOE – when ever you bloody well want to! As part of our weekly Tubesday feature we scour the net to bring you the best of Youtube, but this week we’ve found something a little different and believe it definitely deserves your attention.

Bob Byrne, an Irish born writer and publisher has just launched his new site Clam Nuts and he’s added two new games. One is a Joe Duffy soundboard, giving you the opportunity to put words in Joe Duffy’s mouth. You can surprise you’re Granny on her birthday with some shocking phrases from her favourite RTE star. Perhaps best not to give her a heart-attack though.

We were going to suggest a few word combinations, but frankly they were a tad too filthy for this site, so we’ll leave them up to your imagination. Needless to say there is endless fun here.

Also worth a look is the Ass or Egg game – self explanatory really, but good fun! Some pictures however, may not be ‘office friendly’.