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Weird Wide Web: Tofu-loving robots, Quantified Selves, and an antisocial network

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WELCOME TO THE WEIRD Wide Web – where we take a look at the week’s best offerings in tech and social media news.

Tracking technology of the week

A growing movement called ‘Quantified Self ‘ is being embraced by people who like to track fitness, food intake and other aspects of their lives using wearable technology.

But startup Move says wearable gadgets are just one more thing you have to charge and remember to bring with you – are they’re betting that people are more likely to use what technology they already feel reliant on. Yes, that means your phone.

Their new app runs in the background, taking note of of a variety of activities including walking, running, cycling and driving, according to Business Insider.

Image: Maridav via Shutterstock

Robotic waste system of the week

Could this be the answer to the global waste problem? Let’s see.

ZenRobotics, a Finnish startup, has the noble aim of making waste processing easier. The messy task is currently done manually by humans and routinely exposes workers to harmful chemicals and dust. The ZenRobotics Recycler system instead sorts raw materials like metal, wood, and stone – and gives people a bit of a break, which is nice.

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The anti-social network of the week

If you’ve had enough of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, or any other social networking experience, you might just need Hell Is Other People.

The anti-social network (see what they did there?) is a gift to introverts and hangover-sufferers everywhere, giving them access to technology that warns them if anyone they know is getting too close.

There is one draw-back: it relies on people checking into Foursquare regularly BUT when it works you’ll be all like…

Gentle giant of the week

Since you’ll be tapping into inner peace with your trusty anti-people device, you might want to tuck into some tofu while you’re at it. Luckily, this gentle giant of a robot is here to help.

And, even luckier for those who really want to leave tofu the hell alone, seafood and eggs are next. Yum.

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