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What do you want to know about the 8 March referendums? Send us your questions

Voters will be asked about the role of women in the home, and the concepts of family and care.

VOTERS WILL SOON be asked if they wish to amend articles of the Irish Constitution related to the role of women in the home, and the concepts of family and care.

On 8 March voters will be asked if they wish to:

  • Amend Article 41 of the Constitution to provide for a wider concept of family (i.e. not one only based on marriage)
  • Delete Article 41.2 of the Constitution to remove text on the role of women in the home, and insert a new Article 42B to recognise family care
  • The family amendment, the 39th Amendment of the Constitution, proposes to amend Article 41.1.1 to insert the words “whether founded on marriage or on other durable relationships”. It also proposes the deletion of the words “on which the family is founded” from Article 41.3.1.
  • The care amendment, the 40th amendment, proposes to delete Article 41.2 from the Constitution and insert an Article 42B with the following wording:

“The State recognises that the provision of care, by members of a family to one another by reason of the bonds that exist among them, gives to Society a support without which the common good cannot be achieved, and shall strive to support such provision.”

A number of politicians and civil society groups have raised concerns about the proposed wording of the referendums.

Many are still backing a Yes vote, but others are voting No and some remain unsure.

What questions do you have about the upcoming referendums? Do you know exactly what you’re voting on? Do you know how to check if you’re registered to vote in the first place?

Send your questions to and we’ll answer as many as we can in the coming weeks. We’ll be sourcing information from experts and the Electoral Commission.