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Has your family fallen out over a will? We'd like to know

Who gets what after a person’s death can create permanent divisions and deep wounds.

WILLS – OR SOMETIMES their absence – are a bone of contention for many families.

Most of us have heard stories of families falling out over who gets what when a relative dies. It can create permanent divisions and deep wounds.

Members of the public are currently being asked to give their input on a law that allows the courts to make amendments to a parent’s will.

The Law Reform Commission is asking for submissions on Section 117 of the 1965 Succession Act which leaves a legal window open for children who feel they haven’t been given their fair share of inheritance.

It’s a difficult area. What if a parent dies unexpectedly and hasn’t updated their will in decades? Or if someone suffers from dementia?

We’re putting together an article based on real-life experiences on the subject and would like to hear your stories.

You can share your experiences by emailing All information will be treated confidentially and no real names will be used if published.

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