QUIZ: Can We Guess Your Work Personality?

Office mam? Anyone?

COLLEAGUES, EH? NO matter where you work there’s always going to be a diverse selection of people that you’ll spend the majority of your day with.

And they often seem to fall into distinct personality types - from the lifer who’s been there since before you were born and knows everything to the control freak who just wants things done their way, ok?

So, we want to know – what’s your work personality? Let’s find out.

1. The communal kitchen is in a state. What do you do?
Clean it up and send an shaming email to the whole office
Add your dishes to the mess, sure what's one more?

Wash your own dishes and fume silently
Clean it up and say nothing
2. The person who sits beside you talks too much. Do you...
Join in the chats
Start wearing headphones

Move to another area
Suggest they tone it down
3. You see someone from the office in a non-work related environment, such as a shop. Do you...
Go over say hello and have a conversation like two normal happy people
Reluctantly engage in chats and quickly regret it

Try and hide behind the vegetables until they spot you
Run out of the shop without paying
4. You go away on holiday. Do you...
Pick up a load of exotic chocolates in the duty free so everyone in the office can share
Get a token Toblerone, but only out of obligation

Get nothing and hope nobody notices
5. The air-conditioning wars are in full swing in your office. Do you:
Quietly change the controls to suit yourself
Download the manual to learn how to use the AC properly so that everyone is happy

Get on with it, it was like this back in 2001 and settled down eventually
Set up an air conditioning committee to discuss solutions
6. Someone arrives in with a dramatic new haircut. They look an absolute state. Do you:
Tell them they look 'really lovely, it's so different'
Say something vague but friendly-sounding

Ignore it
Take them out to coffee and ask them what they were thinking
7. You're making coffee. Do you make it for...
You and people closest to you
The whole office

Just yourself
You're weird and don't like hot drinks
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
Pass-Ag King/Queen
If you see something, you'll say something - anonymously of course. It's all about getting your own way here
Share your result:
You scored out of !
The Lifer
You've been there longer than, well, anyone, and you know everything. Everything
Share your result:
You scored out of !
Control Freak
There's how things are done, and how things should be done - at least according to you
Share your result:
You scored out of !
Office Mam/Dad
Like it or hate it, you're the one everyone goes to with their problems - but you secretly like it...
Share your result:

 Tell us what work personality you have in the comments below.

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