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# famine - Sunday 27 May, 2018

The fascinating story of the Achill Island preacher, the Famine, and the Prelate

A new book looks at this fascinating part of Irish history.

# famine - Saturday 19 May, 2018

18th century coffin carrier used in workhouses during Irish famine on display

Some workhouses cut costs by using a coffin with a hinged door so they could lifted from the grave and reused.

# famine - Friday 9 March, 2018

Varadkar to thank Choctaw Nation for support during Famine

The Taoiseach is travelling to the US next week.

# famine - Wednesday 7 March, 2018

Irish famine memorial in New York reopens to public after $5 million dollar renovation

It features stones imported from all 32 counties.

# famine - Saturday 24 February, 2018

A film about the Irish famine premiered this week and the reviews are... mixed

Lance Daly’s film has been described as a “beautifully performed Irish Western” and a “cliché-choked thriller”.

# famine - Wednesday 10 January, 2018

Double Take: The little-known Dublin plaque to an unsung hero of the Famine

Ever heard of Pawel Edmund Strzelecki?

# famine - Monday 27 November, 2017

First shipment of food aid in weeks docks at rebel controlled port in Yemen as country faces famine

The country is facing a serious famine due to an ongoing civil war.

# famine - Wednesday 15 November, 2017

# famine - Sunday 12 November, 2017

The artist who captured Ireland in the 1800s with thousands of watercolours

George Victor du Noyer travelled around Ireland drawing various features, accompanied by his spaniel Mr Buff.

# famine - Monday 9 October, 2017

Higgins compares today's refugees with those who left Ireland during the Famine

President Higgins is on the third day of his week-long State visit to Australia.

# famine - Monday 2 October, 2017

Pics: The world's largest exhibition of Famine-related art is coming to Ireland History This post contains images

Pics: The world's largest exhibition of Famine-related art is coming to Ireland

The artworks, which are currently on display at a museum in Connecticut, will be displayed in Ireland for eight months next year.

# famine - Saturday 9 September, 2017

How a desolate patch of Ireland was used to teach people to farm during the famine

The farm taught hundreds of Irishmen to be self-sustaining during the worst of the Great Famine.

# famine - Saturday 26 August, 2017

'It would make you wonder has anything changed?': Over a century later, Ireland still can't shake its eviction past

The rent uncertainty of today is not only widespread – but goes deep through the ages of Irish history.

# famine - Thursday 10 August, 2017

At least 56 people die after human traffickers force 300 off boats and into the sea

The migrants were being smuggled from Africa to Yemen.

# famine - Tuesday 4 July, 2017

'If men are caught, they are killed. If women are caught, they are raped'

Men, women and children in South Sudan have been shot, hacked to death with machetes and burnt alive.

# famine - Saturday 1 July, 2017

'Picking leaves from the trees': How locals in Yemen are surviving on the brink of famine

People have been killed by shelling on their way to collect bread, a Red Cross aid worker said.

# famine - Sunday 18 June, 2017

Choctaw Chief to visit sculpture that commemorates his nation's generosity during Irish famine

Despite living in conditions of starvation and poverty themselves, the Choctaw people sent money to Ireland in 1847.

# famine - Sunday 4 June, 2017

Famine emigration stories: Corkman who made it to US went to war in exchange for land for his family

Between 1845 and 1851 around 1.2 million people left Ireland, a new exhibition looks at some of their stories.

# famine - Saturday 6 May, 2017

FactCheck: Are there more homeless people in Ireland now than at any time since the Famine?

Ireland is in the middle of a housing crisis, but are homeless numbers the highest they’ve ever been?

# famine - Monday 20 March, 2017

Australian breweries apologise for famine-themed beer

The beer had been criticised as “disgusting and offensive” and “an absolute disgrace”.

# famine - Saturday 11 March, 2017

World faces worst humanitarian crisis since 1945 - UN official

There is a looming risk of famine in a number of countries.

# famine - Saturday 25 February, 2017

Explainer: Why tens of thousands face starvation in war-torn South Sudan

Famine was declared in the new African country on Monday, which has been embroiled in civil conflict for years.

# famine - Thursday 9 February, 2017

Study on ancestry of Irish Travellers details genetic connection to settled community

The research comes as the Irish State is expected to formally recognise Travellers as an ethnic group.

# famine - Friday 27 January, 2017

'A child under the age of 10 dying every 10 minutes' - Threat of famine in Yemen

The UN has warned that famine is now a possible scenario for 2017.

# famine - Friday 30 December, 2016

Irish politicians really wanted Bob Geldof to win the Nobel Peace Prize

It didn’t happen for Bob though.

# famine - Friday 8 July, 2016

Calls for a fixed date in the year to remember Ireland's Great Famine Commemorations This post contains a poll

Calls for a fixed date in the year to remember Ireland's Great Famine

The current commemorations do not have a specific date.

# famine - Friday 12 February, 2016

From The42 Klopp expects Liverpool's Premier League drought to continue Famine

Klopp expects Liverpool's Premier League drought to continue

The Reds boss said he is honoured to be working at Anfield but has warned that getting the club back to the top will take time.

# famine - Sunday 28 June, 2015

From The42 'The famine is over' - Twitter reacts to Westmeath's unbelievable win Awe

'The famine is over' - Twitter reacts to Westmeath's unbelievable win

“As astonishing a game as I’ve ever commentated on” and more thoughts from today’s game.

# famine - Monday 30 March, 2015

Ever heard of the Pole who helped Famine victims? He’s been honoured in Dublin

Paweł Edmund Strzelecki lived in Ireland during the Great Hunger.

# famine - Monday 19 January, 2015

Opinion: Are we being overly sensitive about C4's Famine sitcom?

The Famine itself wasn’t funny, but a comedy based in that era might be.

# famine - Saturday 17 January, 2015

No joke, a group called CRAIC protested in London today against C4's Famine sitcom

Only a handful turned up outside Channel 4 mind.

# famine - Friday 2 January, 2015

From The Daily Edge Channel 4 defends Famine sitcom, says humour can come from 'terrible hardship' Hungry

Channel 4 defends Famine sitcom, says humour can come from 'terrible hardship'

Channel also says that the script is only in development and not “planned to air” as of yet.

From The Daily Edge Channel 4's proposed sitcom about The Famine called 'insulting' and 'ignorant' Hungry

Channel 4's proposed sitcom about The Famine called 'insulting' and 'ignorant'

But the Irish-produced series – called Hungry – has been defended by other comedians.

# famine - Thursday 4 December, 2014

What else could I get for the €765,000 pricetag on this 18th century mill in Galway?

We take a look at what that amount of moolah could get you around the rest of the country.

# famine - Tuesday 2 December, 2014

Why is Ireland so good at foreign aid? The Famine

Seriously. According to the OECD, anyway.

# famine - Wednesday 5 November, 2014

"We too experienced the scourges of colonisation and hunger"

President Michael D. Higgins today addressed a delegation in Ethiopia as part of his tour of Africa.

# famine - Wednesday 8 October, 2014

One of these Dublin landmarks is missing this morning...

Famine ship the Jeannie Johnston has been moored at the IFSC since 2005. She’s being taken to dry-dock for an overhaul, as a “first step” in getting her re-certified to take to the open sea.

# famine - Monday 6 October, 2014

No evidence of graves found at new Children's Hospital site

The Development Board for the new hospital confirmed that a study has found “no evidence of a grave or any other features of archaeological significance”.

'If famine comes to South Sudan it will come through the barrel of a gun'

Irish aid agencies are warning that the conflict could cause a famine by early next year.

# famine - Monday 25 August, 2014

From The42 Jack O'Connor is desperate to end Kerry's minor football famine Too Long

Jack O'Connor is desperate to end Kerry's minor football famine

The Kerry minor manager hopes his team have gotten their Croke Park nerves out of the system.

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