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# pyongyang - Sunday 16 April, 2017

Kim Jong Un left red-faced as North Korean 'missile test fails' one day after military parade

The failed test comes one day after Pyongyang showed off its military strength at a parade.

# pyongyang - Tuesday 14 February, 2017

UN Security Council condemns North Korea missile launch

The council agreed statement describing the test-firing of the missile as a “grave violation” of resolutions.

# pyongyang - Sunday 1 January, 2017

North Korea is planning to test a new long-range missile in 2017

In his New Year’s speech, Kim Jong-Un added that the country had significantly bolstered its nuclear deterrent in 2016.

# pyongyang - Friday 29 April, 2016

US citizen gets 10 years of hard labour in North Korea for 'spying'

Kim Dong Chul was convicted of espionage and subversion at a trial in Pyongyang.

# pyongyang - Saturday 26 March, 2016

Watch: North Korean propaganda video shows submarine nuclear strike on the US

The isolated state has been stepping up both its anti-US rhetoric and its efforts to secure submarine nuclear capability in recent months.

# pyongyang - Monday 29 February, 2016

US student cries as he ‘admits’ to stealing North Korean propaganda

Otto Frederick Warmbier (21) was detained as he left North Korea in January.

# pyongyang - Wednesday 1 July, 2015

Take a look inside North Korea’s shiny new (and empty) airport

It’s unlikely to become a bustling hub of activity.

# pyongyang - Wednesday 13 May, 2015

North Korean defence minister ‘executed for dozing off during a rally’

South Korea’s spy agency says Hyon Yong-chol was killed last month in front of an audience of hundreds.

# pyongyang - Sunday 4 January, 2015

North Korea is really unhappy with the US over those new sanctions

North Korea said the US is focused on ‘inveterate repugnancy and hostility’. Ouch.

# pyongyang - Wednesday 24 December, 2014

From Business ETC North Korea is really struggling to stay online

North Korea is really struggling to stay online

We still don’t know who did it though…

# pyongyang - Tuesday 23 December, 2014

North Korea’s internet was down for over nine hours last night

It was not clear who or what had shut down Pyongyang’s web connections.

# pyongyang - Saturday 20 December, 2014

Opinion: Sony has capitulated to terrorist demands – it will have a chilling effect on freedom of speech

Pretty much any nefarious tin-pot dictator can pay hackers to go do a job for them. Will the people of the free world just throw their hands up in surrender?

# pyongyang - Tuesday 2 December, 2014

From The42 North Korea official makes plea for Lionel Messi visit Wish

North Korea official makes plea for Lionel Messi visit

“[Children] read books about Messi and watch his games through the Internet.”

# pyongyang - Saturday 4 October, 2014

Talks to resume between North and South Korea after surprise visit

Three top-ranking North Korean officials attended the closing ceremony of the Asian Games.

# pyongyang - Sunday 14 September, 2014

North Korea sentences American man to six years of hard labour

Matthew Miller was arrested in April after he allegedly ripped up his visa and demanded asylum in North Korea.

# pyongyang - Tuesday 15 April, 2014

From The42 10 pictures from inside North Korea as Pyongyang Marathon takes centre stage Marathon

10 pictures from inside North Korea as Pyongyang Marathon takes centre stage

Athletes from 27 countries took part.

# pyongyang - Monday 17 March, 2014

UN declares North Korea’s crimes on par with Nazism, apartheid and Khmer Rouge

The head of a UN inquiry has condemned North Korea’s extensive human rights abuses – including extermination, enslavement and sexual violence.

# pyongyang - Monday 3 March, 2014

North Korea deports 75-year-old Australian after he signs “confession”

The missionary had been detained last month for distributing religious material.

# pyongyang - Tuesday 18 February, 2014

Here are just some of North Korea’s human rights abuses

The UN has released this infographic that outlines the scale of torture in North Korean camps.

# pyongyang - Tuesday 7 January, 2014

From The42 VIDEO: Dennis Rodman completely loses it with CNN reporter Angry

VIDEO: Dennis Rodman completely loses it with CNN reporter

The former NBA player is in North Korea and had a go when asked about the country’s rights record.

# pyongyang - Friday 13 December, 2013

North Korea confirms execution of ‘traitor’ uncle of Kim Jong-Un

Jang Song-Thaek was described as “despicable human scum” during his trial, in which he reportedly admitted to plotting a coup.

# pyongyang - Saturday 6 July, 2013

North and South Korea hold rare talks after months of increasing tensions

The talks follow months of friction and threats of war by Pyongyang after its February nuclear test attracted tougher UN sanctions, further squeezing its struggling economy.

# pyongyang - Thursday 2 May, 2013

North Korea gives US citizen 15 years’ hard labour for ‘hostile acts’

Pae Jun-Ho, also known as Kenneth Bae, has been sentenced to 15 years of prison labour for “hostile acts” against the communist regime.

# pyongyang - Saturday 27 April, 2013

North Korea puts US citizen on trial for ‘trying to overthrow regime’

North Korea says the man has admitted the charges and will soon face ‘judgment’.

# pyongyang - Friday 26 April, 2013

In Pics: Everyday life in North Korea’s capital Pyongyang

From ice-skating traffic policemen to the dresses on sale, photographer David Guttenfelder has captured the everyday life of Pyongyang’s citizens.

# pyongyang - Monday 15 April, 2013

John Kerry pushes for talks as North Korea threatens defiant missile launch

There is speculation that North Korea will try a missile test today to coincide with birthday celebrations for former leader Kim Il-Sung.

# pyongyang - Friday 12 April, 2013

Pentagon report says North Korea has capability of nuclear strike

High-ranking officials have played down the report, however, saying there is no US consensus on North Korea’s abilities.

# pyongyang - Thursday 11 April, 2013

Column: Will a policy of deterrence quell tensions on the Korean peninsula?

The problem with deterrence theory is that, at its root, it is based on threats which can lead states to the brink of war. North Korea’s behaviour should instead be viewed as an opportunity for engagement, writes Jason Douglas.

# pyongyang - Wednesday 10 April, 2013

South Korea raises alert as North Korea missile test looks likely

Tensions are growing ahead of a key anniversary in North Korea this week.

# pyongyang - Sunday 7 April, 2013

US delays missile test to cool North Korea tensions

The United States has delayed an intercontinental ballistic missile test to avoid stoking tensions with North Korea as tensions increase in the region.

# pyongyang - Friday 5 April, 2013

North Korea tells European countries it cannot guarantee embassy safety

European countries have been told to consider withdrawing personnel from Pyongyang if the tension there escalates further.

North Korea moves missile to its coast, increasing tensions

“The North is apparently intent on firing missiles without prior warning,” a South Korean official said.

# pyongyang - Thursday 4 April, 2013

North Korea deploys missiles, says ‘moment of explosion is approaching fast’

North Korea has moved missiles to its east coast that are capable of hitting targets in Guam, South Korea and Japan.

# pyongyang - Wednesday 3 April, 2013

Tensions rise as North Korea blocks access to crucial industrial zone

South Korea says it is looking at all options, including military action, to protect its citizens.

# pyongyang - Saturday 30 March, 2013

North Korea declares ‘state of war’ with South

North Korea has issued a warning to Seoul and Washington, saying that “any provocation” could swiftly escalate into an all-out nuclear conflict.

# pyongyang - Friday 29 March, 2013

North Korea readies rockets for strike on US and South Korea Korea This post contains videos

North Korea readies rockets for strike on US and South Korea

Kim Jong-un says rocket forces are ready “to settle accounts with the US”, in retaliation for more joint military drills.

# pyongyang - Tuesday 26 March, 2013

‘Combat-ready’ North Korea threatens Hawaii, US mainland

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has launched a fresh threat to strike targets on the US mainland, Hawaii and Guam, as well as South Korea.

# pyongyang - Thursday 21 March, 2013

North Korea threatens to strike US military bases

The threat comes as tensions on the Korean peninsula are at their highest level for years.

# pyongyang - Tuesday 12 March, 2013

Column: North Korea’s pursuit of the bomb should not be ignored

While a functioning nuclear weapon remains years away for North Korea, recent activities and statements will nevertheless have a worrying effect in Seoul, Washington and the wider world, writes Jason Douglas.

# pyongyang - Monday 25 February, 2013

South Korea swears in first female president

Taking the oath of office, Park Geun-Hye called on the regime in North Korea to “abandon its nuclear ambitions without delay”.

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