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Opinion: 'We still don't have crucial parental rights for same-sex married couples'

The State has a duty to protect all married couples, including same-sex couples, writes Dr Brian Tobin.

Andréa Farrell: 'There is such a social taboo in admitting to bowel troubles' IBD

Andréa Farrell: 'There is such a social taboo in admitting to bowel troubles'

Although IBD is a lifelong illness, it doesn’t have to be a life sentence, writes Andréa Farrell.

Firgun: 'The emotion you probably never knew you have'

It’s an emotion that there is no word in English for and is often described as the opposite feeling to schadenfreude, writes Dr Keith Gaynor.

Opinion: 'Trump’s budget attacks science, medical research and disease prevention'

Beyond the moral atrocities, Trump’s budget is not even competent from a technical perspective, writes Julien Mercille.

My abortion: 'I don't want to be eternally attached to someone I do not love'

I feel like a woman and for the first time I feel like a responsible adult who made a very painful decision for all the right reasons.

Grow it yourself: Barley salad with green garlic and sugarsnap peas

We occasionally get some sugarsnap peas from the polytunnel to the kitchen (if the kids don’t eat them in situ first), writes gardener Michael Kelly.

'I'm a former child resident of a mother and baby home. We want truth and justice'

“Institutional Ireland” is still failing survivors of residential institutions, writes Conrad Bryan.

'Young people lack critical thinking skills, leading to a struggle with news literacy'

Lurking among the heartfelt outpourings of grief for victims at the Manchester Evening News Arena were trolls posting fake reports, writes Alan Keane.

Column: 'I am determined to make music available to the deaf'

I was the first and only deaf and vision impaired student to choose music as a Leaving Cert subject, writes Orla O’Sullivan.

Opinion: 'Vulture funds pay around €1 in taxes for every €1 million they hold in Irish assets'

Despite endless promises from government ministers, the housing situation is steadily deteriorating, writes Dr Brian O’Boyle.

'I enjoy the peace and the space to be myself when I come to LauraLynn'

Thirteen-year-old Lauren Shaw describes her life and the support she receives from LauraLynn.

Column: 'Women in full time employment work for free for one month every year'

In Ireland, women currently earn around 13.9 per cent less than men, writes Ivana Bacik.

Tom Clonan: 'There was a level of support and pre-meditation to this sinister attack'

In Manchester, in attacking an Ariana Grande concert, the deliberately chosen target was children, writes Tom Clonan.

Opinion: 'A father’s right to access should not outweigh a child’s right to safety'

Child protection and safety should be prioritised in all custody and access proceedings, writes Margaret Martin.

Brexit: 'We do not want the British sailing off like some pirate state, joining the Trump administration'

We need to step up now and talk both sides in these talks back from the cliff edge, writes Eamon Ryan.

'Once you start talking, it's hard to stop, and suddenly people are avoiding you, their cancer friend'

It’s been three weeks since I was diagnosed with stage one Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, writes Áine O’Connell.

Column: 'Irish women were writing too, yet we don’t hear half enough about them'

If Irish women hadn’t been so feisty and fascinating the poor men would have had little to write about, writes Eleanor Fitzsimons.

'I set up the first Irish bar in Jakarta. It took 18 months just to get Guinness on tap'

This former IT worker and salesman wound up as a pub owner in Asia.

Opinion: 'One bank holiday per month would give employees something to look forward to'

More bank holidays would improve people’s quality of life and allow tourism and culture to flourish, writes James Shaw.

My dead pancreas: 'My diabetes diagnosis is celebrating its 20th birthday'

I inject myself roughly eight times a day and I don’t always behave myself around doughnuts or fried cheese, writes Caitríona Daly.

'The shop was too reliant on me. If I was away, people would come but wouldn't buy anything'

After being let go three times in two years, this former phone shop owner is back running his own business.

GIY Comfrey: Grown for it's healing powers, comfrey is a great garden fertiliser

Comfrey sends its roots deep into the soil and brings up nutrients, most notably potassium, writes Michael Kelly.

'It's disappointing that there are no women in the race and no possibility for first woman Taoiseach'

The race for Fine Gael leadership is underway. What do we actually want from a leader?

English language schools: 'Low-hours contracts, low pay and bogus self-employment'

Ireland may present itself as a world leader in ELT but teachers in these schools have to contend with poor employment conditions, writes Roy Hassey.

'Mental health is part of us all; We’ve all been heartbroken, we’ve all had moments of glory'

This is the best advice I can give to someone going through a difficult time, writes Barbara Brennan.

Column: 'I do not know what Chelsea Manning will do next. She owes the world nothing'

On the day of Chelsea Manning’s release from prison, campaigner Ruairí McKiernan reflects on the Irish campaign for her freedom.

Opinion: 'The recovery is at serious risk of creating a hostile environment for artists and creatives'

We need to address Dublin’s problems and call it a crisis before it’s too late, writes Roisin Agnew.

Divided Ireland: 'One side dedicated to making Ireland secular; another preserving Church's influence'

There is a profound, far-reaching division in Irish society, writes Larry Donnelly.

Jerry Buttimer: 'Hit with a metaphoric brick wall when we raised LGBT rights with Russian Ambassador'

I think it is very important to challenge people’s viewpoints and perceptions, writes Senator Jerry Buttimer.

'I think people understanding that they aren't alone in their torment has a healing element to it'

Canadian poet Shane Koyczan speaks to about art, healing, and his latest work.

University exam stress: 'I've seen many of my friends turn to ADHD drugs'

An engineering student writes about how he is buckling under the strain of too many exams concentrated at the end of the academic year.

'At the very least, Budget 2018 must match last year's childcare funds in order to deliver'

As Budget preparations begin, Minister Zappone says she will be arguing for more money come October.

13 Reasons Why: 'Drama is actually a good place for young people to explore tough themes'

We have to give teen viewers some credit for knowing the difference between truth and fiction, right and wrong, safe and dangerous, writes Lorraine Courtney.


Opinion: 'Emigrants care about Ireland. We love Ireland. Give us the vote'

It’s time for Ireland to catch up with our EU neighbours, and give emigrants the vote, writes Senator Billy Lawless.

Anxiety cure? 'I decided instead to stop trying to run away from my anxiety and accept it'

Instead of attacking your anxiety like the enemy, you have to work with it, dealing with both the physical and the emotional symptoms, writes Caroline Foran.

Grow it yourself: Pearl barley and spring greens soup

Plants are bursting forward into life, producing green leaves which are nature’s great and wise spring tonic, writes Michael Kelly.

'It's strange that health managers never refer patients out of Dublin for treatment'

People must be willing to stand now in support of regional cardiac services and pressure their local and national representatives, writes Matt Shanahan.

'Maduro's Irish supporters don’t see any problem with him crushing rights'

Anything short of a return to a fully democratic path would be a tragic betrayal of the Venezuelan people, writes Victor Duggan.

Opinion: 'Electing Macron last week could result in Le Pen winning the next election in 2022'

Macron’s approach, is the failed strategy of austerity or neoliberalism, writes Julien Mercille.

'My interactions with Minister Fitzgerald have raised concerns about her willingness to be transparent'

Here is a timeline of event detailing the Minister’s obfuscation on the handling of the findings of the Templemore interim audit report, writes Catherine Murphy TD.

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