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Dublin: 12 °C Monday 30 November, 2015

No opportunities for non-EU students: I fell in love with Ireland but will soon have to leave

The flooded market for HSE placements has become unsustainable, an American medical student studying here writes.

Traditional masculinity hurts everyone. Men must be freed from its burden

Anthony Keedi: Damaging concepts of “manhood” should be done away with – for the good of both men and women.

Not all psychopaths are serial killers – some can function perfectly well in society

Conservative estimates suggest there are 30 million psychopaths in the world – around one in 200 of us – Dr Stephen McWilliams writes.

A soup kitchen founded in Victorian times is feeding the working poor. That’s some centenary

Donal O’Keeffe reflects on a visit to Cork Penny Dinners, one of the country’s oldest soup kitchens.

Overcoming addiction: I used to drink myself to oblivion every night

Mike Meehan had drunk 48 cans one weekend when something clicked – he was fed up of feeling hopeless and miserable.

It’s freeeeezing. Keep warm with this delicious soup recipe

Tips on making the most of your seasonal produce from GIY’s Michael Kelly.

Why are our taxes paying for magic fairy stories to be told in schools?

State-funded religion classes are a waste of time and should be scrapped, Aaron McKenna writes.

Relationship breakdowns: 11 tips on helping your children cope

Relationships end and marriages fail, but the collateral damage can be controlled, Karl Melvin writes.

Living in fear: Garda cutbacks are deeply felt in rural Ireland

Strong local communities are needed to tackle the increasing threat of rural crime, Darragh McCullough writes.

Tom Clonan: Video means it’s official – Ireland is a target for Islamic State

“Ireland fits precisely the target profile that attracts ISIS terrorists.”

Are we willing to risk Irish lives by sending troops to Mali or Lebanon?

Minister Simon Coveney must address the potential dangers involved in sending Irish soldiers to replace French forces, Ryan McCarrel writes.

In Ireland we eat about 5 million bananas every week, but do you know where they come from?

Bananas are one of the most political commodities we put in our shopping baskets every week. Do you know how they made it to your local supermarket, asks Peter Gaynor.

From Business ETC Here are 10 things anyone can do to build a business Plug-in

Here are 10 things anyone can do to build a business

Going For Growth’s Paula Fitzsimons shares some of her insights.

‘I was devastated at receiving a diagnosis for a condition that has no cure’

Geraldine O’Neill was diagnosed with post-polio syndrome in 2002. It’s a condition that not many people know about.

‘I’m a teacher and while the school system isn’t deliberately out to destroy people, it is broken’

Our time in a traditional school teaches us one basic fundamental: how to conform, writes Lisa Buggy.

‘Slutwalks aren’t the lunatic fringe of feminism. They’re a reminder that dressing “like a slut” is never an invitation to rape’

Are you tired of that same old message being rehashed every time a woman is brutally attacked or killed? I am, writes Lorraine Courtney.

To reduce the threat of terrorism, stop bombing and close Shannon Airport to the US military

There are a number of steps that should be taken to address the threat posed by terrorists, writes Julien Mercille.

‘We’re finally getting rid of the buggy. Here are 10 things I won’t miss about it’

The ‘no buggy allowed’ signs, the leaf sludge and, of course, the dog poo, writes Claire Micks.

Keep your onions from rotting by storing them in your tights

GIY expert, Michael Kelly, tells us what we should be doing in the garden this week.

Irish neutrality won’t be respected by the likes of ISIS, so why hold so dear to it?

Ireland will be neutral until the day, unlikely and all that it is, that we require someone else’s military assistance, writes Aaron McKenna.

Ireland is on track to become the most obese country in Europe – it’s time to tax sugar Opinion This post contains a poll

Ireland is on track to become the most obese country in Europe – it’s time to tax sugar

The sugar tax was left out of this year’s Budget, but should it have been, asks James Larkin.

‘The assumption is that plays written by women aren’t good enough’

Grace Dyas says cultural bodies that get state funding should be more accountable and do a better job of reflecting the diversity of Irish life.

‘Yes, I mourn for Paris. But, I do so while weeping for the invisible victims in our global world’

‘When we see the bloodshed in Paris, we should open our borders to refugees, not close them’, writes Mairead Healy.

‘When I left Ireland there was a sense of fear, now it’s a different place full of optimism and change’

The former Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh writes about how Ireland is experiencing a time of great change.

Leo: If there was an overnight fix for the health service I would’ve implemented it

I’ve been in this job for 18 months and I can say with absolute certainty that if there was an overnight fix, I would have implemented it on day one, Leo Varadkar writes.

Tom Clonan: ‘Ireland is on the brink of a perfect storm in our health services’

Minister Varadkar needs to do ‘the bleeding obvious’ and demonstrate real leadership, writes Tom Clonan.

‘It’s my job to help the family plan and care for their dying children at home’

Anne Tan’s career changed after meeting two terminally ill children.

‘When my maternity leave was over I cried when I dropped my son at crèche for the first time’

It’s ok to not feel ok when you return to work after maternity leave, writes Tracey Gunn.

‘I lost two brothers to suicide. It’s unimaginable that it could happen twice’

With suicide you are robbed of the natural grieving process. It should be about the person but the act takes over, writes Mary O’Neill.

‘To kill so many people, so deliberately, in such a short time shows determination and training’

This will not be the last such attack in France or elsewhere in the EU, writes columnist Tom Clonan.

I can’t look at another salad. It’s winter and I need some warmth

Growing your own food and eating seasonally is a way of reconnecting with the nutrition cycle that nature intended for us, writes Michael Kelly.

Think Ireland’s corporate tax is unfair? Wave goodbye to Apple and thousands of jobs if we change it

Anyone in our political sphere who proposes to jeopardise this arrangement from within is an economic saboteur, writes Aaron McKenna.

My Dad was a mortician, so it’s no surprise I ended up as an embalmer

Pamela Murphy had a unique upbringing in that her father was a mortician, so working as an embalmer never fazed her.

‘Kate is my daughter. Kate was born still and silent. It is the loudest heartbreak.’

A mother-of-three on the heartbreak of having a stillborn daughter.

‘We’ve got Vikings, comedy and opera. Here’s why Waterford, Wexford and Kilkenny are better than all the rest’

Santa Claus is buried here, it has loads of festivals and the landscape is pretty too, so will it take the prize?

C’mere ‘till I tell ya why Dublin is better than all the rest

Dublin wants to be the European City of Culture 2020. Why do you think it deserves it?


‘Is Ireland a hospitable country? I’m having my doubts’

Cianan Boyle says Ireland needs to live up to its reputation.

There is no cure for me. I will die from cancer.

Wendy Coughlan speaks openly about being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The food, the ceol agus craic. Here’s why Galway is a special place on earth

The music, the people, the beautiful scenery – Galway want to be the European City of Culture 2020. Why do you think it deserves it?

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