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Vincent Browne: The EU, its elites and its hyper fans had this coming

Writing for, Vincent Browne says the European project was always about making the rich richer.

David Cameron's six years as prime minister will be solely remembered for this referendum defeat

David Cameron’s stint as prime minister has come to an unedifying end, dogged by the Europe question, writes Neale Richmond.

"Mum, why isn't Wonder Woman wearing any clothes?"

Louise Phillips looks at the role models for young women and finds them lacking.

'I told my date that I had depression and he laughed and told me I was just lazy'

Natalie Marr looks at the stigma surrounding depression and other mental health problems

Employees: Why do Irish companies still see mental health issues as a sign of weakness?

Consultant psychiatrist Stephen McWilliams argues that employers need to do more to support the mental wellbeing of their staff

Thanks to Brexit, the fragile peace in Ireland is under threat

Security expert Tom Clonan writes that a referendum on Northern Ireland may lead to sectarian tensions in the six counties.

"I'm still falling, still hating myself, still regretting that I let it all come to this"

Jessica Spencer talks about her struggles with her body and the pressure to be thin

How exactly does the UK leave the EU? (And what happens if it changes its mind?)

Barrister Donnchadh Woulfe explains what’s going to happen next after the UK’s seismic decision.

Earthy, homely and tasty: how to grow parsnips for this winter

Michael Kelly continues his Grow It Yourself series with a plant that provides the quintessential taste of winter

Domini Kemp: Managing my diet helped me to take control of my cancer diagnosis

Domini Kemp describes how diet and exercise help empower her to manage her health after being diagnosed with breast cancer

Ireland should stop wasting resources on arresting people caught with small amounts of drugs

Director of Help Not Harm, Graham de Barra, suggests we need a compassionate and evidence-based approach to drugs and addiction

The Brexit debate has descended into a populist farce

Owen Worth talks about how the election process has become more sensational and less accurate

A customs border between North and South? What we can learn from Ireland in 1923

Cormac Moore looks at the border erected between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for 70 years and the effects it had.

Is it now time for Ireland to consider rejoining the Commonwealth?

Senator Frank Feighan says rejoining the Commonwealth will promote Ireland’s values to a global audience.

The Debate Room: Should Britain leave the EU? An Irish perspective

As the referendum on Brexit approaches, we ask two people living in England for their views

'LGBT people have been terrorised for a very long time'

Outhouse Director George Robotham argues Ireland still has a long way to go before LGBT people achieve full equality.

The victim impact statement I never got to make

In the aftermath of the Stanford rape case, one reader sent us her story about the sexual abuse she experienced, and the lack of action taken

"Social workers have learned to simply ignore the attacks": In defence of social workers

Social work student Diarmaid Twomey looks at the negative publicity surrounding social workers

On the death of Jo Cox: Racist rhetoric contributes to the rise in violence

The hype around the Brexit campaign, hyper-patriotism, and “Britain first, immigrants out” discourses have led to this tragedy writes Julien Mercile

Give your garden a running start: here's how to tame runner beans

Michael Kelly continues his Grow It Yourself series with a plant that gives the grower great returns

Leaving Cert: seven years of hell in seven days

One reader tells us about her experiences of trying to overcome crippling anxiety during her Leaving Cert exams

"Don't blame landlords for the current housing crisis"

IPOA Chair Stephen Faughnan argues that landlords are being priced out of the rental market.

Opinion: Allowing animals to be exported from Ireland to Turkey is no victory

Over five years, sheep, cows, and goats were illegally kept on trucks at the Turkish border for days on end in squalid conditions without being offloaded, writes Peter Stevenson.

In the '70s, Gay Byrne was the man to trust but who would get that vote now?

Only around 50% of Irish consumers trust the news – with Ireland coming 8th out of 26 countries, writes Jane Suiter.

Vincent Browne: Enda's latest move shows a cruelty of the heart and mind

The Taoiseach’s treatment of his once-close colleague James Reilly is telling – and could signal the beginning of the end, writes Vincent Browne for

Gay clubs are a sanctuary when being LGBT could get you killed

Conor Behan DJs at gay club The George, and says that it’s important we recognise the Orlando attack was an attack on the LGBT community.

Orlando shooter was a homophobic killer, deliberately using the 'Isis' name

“We need to rally around our LGBTI brothers and sisters… and to defy the absolute evil [of] groups like Islamic State,” writes security expert Tom Clonan.

'I had to get my name out there without much funding - so I created this character'

Before Michael Flynn unleashed Mattress Mick on the world, his last business collapsed. This is how he rebuilt.

Student accommodation nightmares: 'I couldn't even stand up straight in my room'

As the academic year comes to a close, one student tells of her experiences of trying to find somewhere to live

Thanks shallot - these little members of the onion family are finicky, but worth it

Michael Kelly continues his Grow It Yourself series with a tasty flavouring for salads and sauces.

Can Hillary Clinton smash the biggest glass ceiling in November?

Larry Donnelly says it is “shameful” that Sanders has not already conceded gracefully.

Living with 'one of the last major diseases we know nothing about'

Imagine your worst ever hangover combined with the flu. Now imagine feeling like that 24/7 for the rest of your life.

Infertile, dating and 33: How do you bring up an inability to have children?

“You can’t just bring up the “do you want kids” conversation over your first date martini,” writes Clare McAfee two years after her ‘horrible diagnosis’.

1 gorilla vs 1,000 refugees: 'The death of an animal is sad but the drowning of 1,000 people is sadder'

The gorilla’s death received extensive media coverage worldwide; the deaths of the 1000 migrants, much less so, writes a dismayed Julien Mercille.

Irish in Britain being 'lovebombed' into staying in EU - but why?

Irish government is sending in the troops to support the anti-Brexit side, writes historian Bryce Evans, without giving Irish emigrants anything back.

It might not turn you into Popeye, but it's time to get more spinach into you

Michael Kelly continues his 52 Veg – A Year of Growing, Cooking and Eating Your Own Food series with a versatile, leafy delight.

'For some, crime is the most realistic chance of owning a home, buying a car or having a family'

DCU graduate Mark Kelly describes his sadness that names he remembers from childhood have found themselves caught up in the recent gangland feud.

Vincent Browne: Squalid little deals show it's still old politics at work

Writing for, Vincent Browne shows us what Ireland’s real politics looks like – and what it does to society.

No, smokers don't just need sympathy - They need help to stop smoking

Two in three smokers want to give up writes Donald Buggy of the Irish Cancer Society.

Leaving Cert tales: 'I failed maths, dropped out of college and everything is OK'

On results day, I held myself together among friends and teachers but as soon as I left the school, I broke down crying in the car home with my mam, writes Jordan Kavanagh.

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