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Dublin: 6 °C Tuesday 31 March, 2015

Sunny side up for spring! How to get a pop of colour with daffodils

Get that flush of colour that lights up our city parks and gardens every spring with a little forward planning.

I regularly vote in US elections from abroad. Why can’t Irish emigrants do the same?

No matter where in the world I am, I will always be an American. As such, I am grateful that my right to vote there is legally enshrined.

Product placement is here to stay, so we’d better get used to it

Product placement can be annoying but advertising is a necessary evil of our favourite shows.

We can’t back down over equality – we must demand more

Voting on marriage rights should be just one part of a national effort to address the serious social and material inequalities that plague Ireland.

Imagine how terrifying it is for a child to become homeless

Too many families are facing homelessness. Why are we allowing this to continue?

Demystifying home-grown food: How to sow indoors

By sowing indoors you are giving a seedling a chance to get itself established and sturdy before it has to deal with outside threats.

The Graham Dwyer trial shows why some cases should be held in seclusion

The life and death of Elaine O’Hara and the details of Graham Dwyer’s predilections flowed out of this trial, but details could have withheld until a verdict.

‘I pick up patients and drive them to the hospital – it’s a privilege’

Volunteers like Breda Lane help out people undergoing cancer treatment in a simple but invaluable way, and you could too.

How many sons and brothers must we lose to suicide before we act?

Ireland has exceptionally high rates of male suicide, but it’s being met with a wall of silence.

Non-religious parents are being discriminated against by our outdated school system

Children who are not baptised are discriminated against by Irish national schools (despite the taxpayer funding these schools).

Meet Nellie Cashman – Irishwoman, philanthropist and prospector in Alaska’s gold rush

Nellie Cashman was an extraordinary woman from Cork who made her way to the US west coast in search of a lucky strike.

‘When I realised my thoughts were unhealthy, I retreated into myself even more’

After struggling in silence for so long, the feeling of freedom that comes from talking openly about my eating disorder is indescribable.

We need to talk more about relationships, consent and sexual violence

A recent survey in UCC found that many students have worrying gaps in knowledge about sexual violence.

Young people will see online porn – shouldn’t we help them interpret it?

Rapidly advancing technology means children will be confronted by pornography online at some point. How should we help them to interpret what they see?

IRA abuse claims show – once again – how the institution is always placed before the victim

There are parallels between Sinn Féin’s reaction to allegations by Paudie McGahon and Maíria Cahill and the Catholic Church’s pursuit of its own institutional safety.

How to master the art of saying ‘No’

It’s a small word but many of us are afraid of using it…

Gay men still can’t donate blood in Ireland – it’s not only unfair, it’s illogical

Our blood banks often run low, yet we are locking thousands of safe donors out.

The Irish fight for human rights in Colombia

Colombia has over 5,000 political prisoners, many of them jailed on sweeping charges of “rebellion”.

‘Often it’s the times when I most need support that I’m least able to talk’

Staying quiet about a mental health problem is the worst thing you can do, which is why a new campaign is being launched in out third level institutions.

‘I arrived in Ireland aged 7, not able to speak English – now I’m organising a nationwide festival’

Polska-Eire 2015 highlights the contribution of non-Irish populations to this society and the importance of integration.

Fancy growing your own? Here’s what to plant this week…

It’s the month of all things Irish so, fittingly, it’s time to get the spuds planted.

Should TDs be allowed to hire family members? Yes, of course!

Hiring a family member can be advantageous to accomplishing the work that voters demand of our TDs.

Why Vincent Browne must be licking his lips in anticipation of Renua Ireland

Established parties are going to fight, and fight dirty, ahead of the general election – Lucinda Creighton’s party need to sort out their communication strategy, writes Paul Allen.

Racism is fact of life for all minorities in Ireland

We need to face up to the reality that racism and racial violence exists in our country.

The rights of unmarried fathers are being changed – but is it enough?

Unmarried fathers in Ireland need greater clarity when it comes to their rights

Having more stuff doesn’t make you happier – so what does?

We are increasingly recognising that ‘progress’ should be about increasing human happiness and well-being, not the size of our wallets.

Why is speculation on residential homes allowed?

It’s time to face up to the mortgage arrears crisis.

The furore around fatty, inedible hospital food overshadows a far more serious issue

Disease-related malnutrition remains a major cause of avoidable complications in our hospitals.

We have been silenced for too long – it’s time for a youth revolution

So we’re getting ‘back on track’? That may be true for middle Ireland, but not everyone.

The future of Ireland is urban – but can our politicians accept this?

We need to face up to what’s gone wrong with spatial policy in this country.

‘When I first started having panic attacks I had no idea what was going on’

‘You can’t let anxiety and fear hold you back, you have to get out there and live your life,’ writes Sara Delmer, who suffers from panic attacks.

An 5 rud a tharlaíonn nuair a labhraíonn tú Gaeilge in Éirinn

(Psst… there’s an as bearla version in here too).

Paddy’s Day should be about celebrating our culture and creativity – without getting locked

Too much focus is placed on drinking in Ireland, especially on St Patrick’s Day, and people want an alternative.

‘Religion class is one of the only places where students can express themselves’

It’s up to teachers to be as vigilant as possible when it comes to bullying, writes secondary teacher, Tia Duffy.

‘I’m the child of an alcoholic. I’m 40 years old and I can’t fix my father’

‘My alcoholic father’s attitude is to see how much alcohol he can drink before he falls over and dies.’

Beheadings, kidnappings and refugees: The horror of Syria is entering its fifth year

‘The world is jaded by the war in Syria; it sees no end and no possibility that the fighting can be brought to a halt,’ writes Trócaire’s Executive Director, Éamonn Meehan.

‘Irish belongs to you, so why not try and use it more’

Is your Irish a bit on the rusty side? Seachtain na Gaeilge is the perfect time to give it a go again.

If Mum were here today, this is what I’d say to her this Mother’s Day

It’s eight years since my mother passed away, and I still can’t find the words to thank her for all she did for me, writes Claire Micks.

‘Every time another engagement or wedding is announced I feel more like an outsider’

Teacher Paul Knox says he doesn’t want to be sitting at other peoples’ weddings for the rest of his life. He one day wants to sit at his own.

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