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What we can learn from the world's 'Blue Zones' - where people regularly live into their 90s and 100s

Lifestyle changes can cure some diseases and significantly extend our lives, writes Professor Ciaran O’Boyle.

Opinion: 'An unjustified panic against all international travel has developed in Ireland'

The effects of this isolationist approach will dwarf the impact of the virus itself, writes commercial airline pilot Robert Dagg.

Money Diaries: A construction contracts manager on €67K with a young family in Galway

This week, our reader is on a road a lot and also enjoying getting back out with his family after lockdown.

Online learning is here to stay and Covid-19 changes have pushed it further

Colman Walsh of the UX Design Institute says remote working during the Covid-19 lockdown also spurred on a hunger for remote learning.


Larry Donnelly: American politics is in a bad state and the TV networks aren't helping

Donnelly dismays at the polarised and simplistic discussion of politics in the US from all media sources, not just Fox News.

Opinion: Want to use this time to write a short story? Here are some top tips

We have some tips from author Vincent Woods to inspire you.

Steamed mussels and 'Beeramisu' - two recipes for you from Urban Brewing in Dublin

Dan Keane, head chef at Urban Brewing, shares his lockdown experience and a couple of tasty recipes.

Opinion: 'Revolution Period' is here - so why are the authorities banning tampon ads?

Menstrual Cycle Awareness facilitator Kitty Maguire says the recent banning of an ad for tampons missed the point entirely.

Opinion: We've waited long enough - we must wipe out nuclear weapons for good

On the 75th anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, The International Committee of the Red Cross says we must now work collectively stop the development of nuclear weapons.


Opinion: 'Lebanon needs help - or the consequences for the Middle East don't bear thinking about'

Yesterday’s explosion made a desperate situation worse, writes Bríd Kennedy of Concern.

Tribute: John Hume said setting up the first credit union in Northern Ireland was 'the thing I'm proudest of'

John Hume saw how people from a working class background were locked out of borrowing from banks, writes Gerry Thompson.

Opinion: John Hume gave us the gift of peace, it's our responsibility to protect it

Rights campaigner Emma DeSouza pays tribute to John Hume, the peacemaker, who will be laid to rest today.

Opinion: Government must break down the bureaucratic walls faced by teachers returning to Ireland

One experience teacher who returned from Australia said she battled the Teaching Council to be allowed transfer her qualifications to Ireland, but eventually gave up.

Money Diaries: A team leader in Galway on €37K working from home who is also a single mother

This week, our reader, who lives with her daughter in Galway and has an underlying health condition, details her spending and saving during the Covid-19 period.


Opinion: The food service industry must handle Covid-19 hygiene risks with plastic-free packaging

Tommy McLoughlin of Butterfly Cup outlines why the fight to get rid of plastic must continue in the midst of the Covid-19 changes.

Opinion: ‘Travellers have to hide their identity just to get a foot in the door’

Pavee Point’s Caoimhe McCabe outlines the level of workplace discrimination against Travellers and how to combat the problem.

Try a protein-rich veggie burger and chocolate chip cookies with these Happy Pear recipes

David and Stephen Flynn share recipes from their new book The Happy Pear: Vegan Cooking for Everyone.

Opinion: The Supreme Court's ruling on the government's climate plan is a watershed moment

David Kenny, Assistant Professor of Law at Trinity College, says the Supreme Court’s ruling has major implications for environmental policy and the court.

Opinion: Northern Ireland is the 'problem child' and that's not likely to change any time soon

Charlie Power is from Northern Ireland. He looks at the tricky positioning of the province in the eyes of the UK and Ireland and says not much is likely to change in the coming years.

View from a teacher: 'Nobody wants to return to remote learning'

One teacher is hoping for the best but says she cannot understand why the government took so long to release the ‘return to school’ plans.

Trouble sleeping? You're not alone, but there are tools you can use to help yourself

Mental Health Occupational Therapist Michelle Murray highlights many of the causes of insomnia and offers some tips to help you avoid those sleepless nights.

Opinion: When it comes to schools re-opening, why is no one talking about Switzerland?

Liam Printer is Irish and lives in Switzerland, where he teaches in a secondary school. They’ve been back in the classroom for some time and here, he describes what it’s been like.

Opinion: After the Covid-19 masks are gone, will we breathe cleaner air?

Dr Karen Moore of the An Taisce Green-Schools programme wonders if despite Covid-19 and the lockdown, can we take some long-lasting benefits from it all – for the air we breathe, our health and quality of life.

Money Diaries: A university administrator in Limerick working from home who is starting to socialise more

This week, our reader has been spending lockdown working from home but is now starting to socialise with friends, prompting an increase in spending.

Opinion: We've adapted to remote working in a crisis - where do we go from here?

Rowena Hennigan is an expert in remote working. She says emergency remote working in the pandemic is not the way to approach remote working long term.

Larry Donnelly: Covid and BLM may have him down, but Trump may not yet be out

Larry Donnelly says Trump’s recent Fox News interview was a disaster and reflects his drop in the polls, but watch for the shift in his rhetoric from now on.

Opinion: Government needs to give people of all abilities a chance on the job market

Advocate Craig Kelly writes about how Covid-19 will make a hard situation worse for people with disabilities trying to find a job.

Extract: 'Millennials, they call them. Oh, I’m so offended at this, that and the other thing'

Catch up with what Ann Devine is up to in the latest novel from Colm O’Regan.

Opinion: When it comes to paying for Covid-19, are we still 'in this together'?

Economist Dr Brian O’Boyle says we need to learn the lessons from the last global recession and make sure the economic burden of Covid-19 is shared equally.

‘Children's needs should be the priority for after-school services’

Prevention and Early Intervention expert Marian Quinn outlines the need for a reimagined after-school sector on the other side of Covid-19.

Wellness Wednesday: A postcard from Leigh Arnold in Ibiza

Actress and wellness advocate Leigh Arnold and her husband run a wellness retreat in Ibiza. She set up a free online wellness portal for everyone in lockdown.

‘Without state interventions many childcare providers will go out of business’

Childcare centre owners Sarah O’Leary and and Michele Akerlind explain how better investment can build a well paid and affordable childcare sector.

‘Time to radically reform childcare and break the tension between fees and quality’

In the latest in our Childcare Voices series, Darragh O’Connor of SIPTU outlines why the trade union is calling for big changes in pay and affordability in the sector.

‘We are essentially paying out a second mortgage in childcare every month’

Mother Lynda Butler outlines the impact of childcare costs for her first daughter and how high fees are making her think twice about having a second child.

Money Diaries: A 26-year-old data analyst living alone and working from home in a new job

This week, our reader is living in her own apartment in the city centre and is working from home in a new job.

Festivals might be off for 2020 but we've moved our events business entirely online

Jamie Deasy and Brian McDermott created Event Fuel but have completely rearranged and renamed their business in the wake of Covid-19.

We have a wealth of talented podcasters here in Ireland, so why are we not counting their listeners?

As Bressie’s podcast wins an award, Darach Ó Séaghdha argues that it’s high time the JNLR figures took podcasting into account.

My food addiction: How group therapy helped me overcome years of bingeing and purging

The following account is written by a member of Addictive Eaters Anonymous, who shares her experience of sobriety from addictive eating.

Enjoy some summer fruit baking recipes from master pastry chef Shane Smith

Shane offers some simple recipes for you to try at home.

Opinion: Maternity leave in lockdown was no picnic, so please don't forget new parents

New mother Patrice Hosford is asking the government to improve the leave entitlements currently available to new parents.