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Weight Loss

# weight-loss - Saturday 19 April, 2014

From The Score What is CrossFit and why can’t people stop talking about it? Fitness

What is CrossFit and why can’t people stop talking about it?

Need a routine to get you fit, strong, fast and lean? This way…

# weight-loss - Thursday 3 April, 2014

“A real breakthrough”: Study finds exercise will effectively fight heart disease in diabetics

Doctors previously lacked definitive evidence that such treatment was effective.

# weight-loss - Tuesday 11 February, 2014

Link between anorexia and dental braces needs to be explored – report

A study of the condition in an Irish hospital found that it is developing a younger age and becoming more common in males

# weight-loss - Tuesday 4 February, 2014

From The Daily Edge UK city sending ‘motivational’ texts to obese citizens You Can Do It

UK city sending ‘motivational’ texts to obese citizens

The council say the messages will give them a “effective nudge” to lose weight.

# weight-loss - Tuesday 21 January, 2014

How football clubs helped male footie fans lose weight

Scottish football fans were able to lose weight and stay fit thanks to the Football Fans in Training programme.

# weight-loss - Saturday 11 January, 2014

Column: Cut the ‘fat talk’ in front of kids

Discussing diets and weight loss resolutions may seem normal during January, but remember that impressionable young minds are taking it all in, writes Laura Larkin.

# weight-loss - Wednesday 8 January, 2014

From The Daily Edge This video of a woman’s first 100 days of exercise will get you off your arse 100 Days

# weight-loss - Wednesday 1 January, 2014

Open thread: What are your new year’s resolutions for 2014?

Will it be one of the classics or have you got something more unusual planned for next year?

# weight-loss - Wednesday 13 November, 2013

Supplements used in weight loss and bodybuilding linked to death in US

Consumers are being warned not to take products in the OxyELITE range.

# weight-loss - Sunday 6 October, 2013

Concern over teen ‘thigh gap’ weight loss obsession

Psychologists and sociologists warn that ‘pipe dream’ of particular body shape a danger to teenage girls.

# weight-loss - Monday 16 September, 2013

Pills, liquids and creams among 750,000 doses of illegal medicines seized last year

The Irish Medicines Board said sedatives, weight loss pills and erectile dysfunction drugs were the most detained items as they warn against online purchasing.

# weight-loss - Monday 22 July, 2013

From Business ETC The Dubai diet: Lose weight, get paid gold. Simple. Weight In Gold

# weight-loss - Sunday 7 July, 2013

Weird Wide Web: Fat avatars, terminator vision and teaching you how to relax

All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.

# weight-loss - Tuesday 7 May, 2013

New Jersey governor Chris Christie reveals he had gastric band surgery

The Republican governor, tipped to run for the White House, insisted the measure was about ensuring he was there for his family in the future.

# weight-loss - Sunday 5 May, 2013

From The Score The chubby jogger from Nike’s Olympics ad has lost a lot of weight Olympics

# weight-loss - Tuesday 1 January, 2013

8 New Year’s resolutions and 6 tips on sticking to them

8 New Year’s resolutions and 6 tips on sticking to them

What are you promising to change, learn or do better in 2013?

# weight-loss - Monday 17 December, 2012

From The Score Brazil’s Ronaldo loses 17 kilos in reality show Getting Fit

Brazil’s Ronaldo loses 17 kilos in reality show

“Il Fenomeno” has gone from a 42-inch waist to 37 inches as part of a Brazilian reality TV show.

# weight-loss - Sunday 9 December, 2012

9 dieting gimmicks you should stop wasting money on

No, really, put down those toning shoes.

# weight-loss - Saturday 14 July, 2012

From The Daily Edge 20 ‘superfoods’ that everyone went bonkers over Good For You This post contains images

20 ‘superfoods’ that everyone went bonkers over

From fruits and nuts to grains and seaweed, what benefits do these so called superfoods have to offer?

# weight-loss - Tuesday 12 June, 2012

Clinics told to stop advertising ‘weight loss’ fertility drug

The drug, human chorionic gonadotropin, is licensed for use in fertility treatment, and the Irish Medicines Board said it “advises strongly” against its use for weight loss.

# weight-loss - Friday 1 June, 2012

Column: Ireland needs to ditch dieting because it isn’t working. Here’s why.

Kids across the country are seeing their parents spending time, energy and money on yo-yo diets and gimmicks. This isn’t good for them, writes Deirdre Cowman.

# weight-loss - Tuesday 27 March, 2012

Pharmacists dispute health warnings over meal replacement products

The Irish Pharmacy Union has disputed claims that over-the-counter meal replacement products can encouarge “a cycle of failure” in people attempting to manage their weight.

# weight-loss - Friday 24 February, 2012

TD calls for debate on blocking eating disorder websites

Sites featuring images of underweight models and ‘The Thin Commandments’ are putting vulnerable people in danger, Mary Mitchell O’Connor said.

# weight-loss - Tuesday 21 February, 2012

From The Daily Edge Dieticians revise calorie calculations: it’s now twice as tough to lose weight Dieting

Dieticians revise calorie calculations: it’s now twice as tough to lose weight

US scientists say the previous formula – where cutting 500 calories a day meant losing 1lb a week – was too generous.

# weight-loss - Sunday 15 January, 2012

From The Daily Edge Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads Sitdown Sunday

Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads

The very best of the week’s writing from around the web.

# weight-loss - Wednesday 4 January, 2012

Consumers warned against buying illegal diet pills online

The Irish Medicines Board has warned that seemingly ‘safe’ slimming products bought online can contain Sibutramine – a substance linked to heart attacks and strokes that has been and withdrawn from the worldwide market.

# weight-loss - Tuesday 27 September, 2011

From The Daily Edge Singer Jennifer Hudson to open weight loss centre Weight Loss

Singer Jennifer Hudson to open weight loss centre

The Dreamgirls star lost 80lbs with Weight Watchers and will open her own centre today in Chicago.

# weight-loss - Tuesday 2 August, 2011

Dieting forces the brain to eat itself – report

It’s emerged that in order to conserve energy, the body’s starvation mode kicks in and brain cells eat themselves, like other parts of the body.

# weight-loss - Thursday 25 November, 2010

Death-warning drug was never licensed in Ireland

Medicines Board reassures that weight-loss medicine which is linked to 500 deaths was not prescribed here.

# weight-loss - Wednesday 10 November, 2010

From The Daily Edge Lose two stone in 10 weeks: just eat sweets Shedding Pounds

Lose two stone in 10 weeks: just eat sweets

An American nutrition professor eats nothing but ‘Twinkie’ bars for 10 weeks – and loses 27 pounds.

# weight-loss - Thursday 9 September, 2010

Junkfood diet could lead to weight loss, says professor

Big Macs all round! A professor loses half a stone in four days by pigging out.

# weight-loss - Tuesday 24 August, 2010

AN AMERICAN STUDY has suggested that dieters could be able to lose weight more quickly by simply having some water before their meals.

Scientists in Virginia split 48 test subjects into two groups and discovered that those who drank two glasses of water before low-calorie meals three times a day lost an average of 5lbs more than those who ate the same meals without a pre-meal drink.

The watered group lost an average of 15.5lb each – just a few ounces short of a full stone – while the regular group lost roughly 11lbs each. All of those taking part were aged between 55 and 75.

A previous study dealing with similar control groups found that people who drank two glasses of water before a meal ate between 75 and 90 calories less per meal.

It is suspected that the extra weight loss can be simply attributed to the fact that water, which contains no calories, fills the stomach and basically makes the subject less hungry.

It is important to note, however, that the weight loss would have been the same had both sets of diners always finished each meal.

Brenda Davy, a professor who led the survey, advised dieters to ”drink more water and less sugary, high-calorie drinks. It’s a simple way to facilitate weight management.”

Dieticians have warned that drinking too much water can lead to serious health problems, however, while also leaving dieters at risk of not gaining enough nutrition.