Alan with one of this year's leader, Lucy.

'Don't give up just because Operation Transformation is over'

In Alan Mullen’s last column for, he encourages everyone to keep up the hard work – it’ll be worth it.

IT’S BEEN A hectic two weeks, with some great highs and some lows. I suppose it’s always good to start with the highs.

I am now down to 18 stone 9 pound, which for me is an absolute delight. I suppose I’ve never been so proud of myself for accomplishing my goals and seeing how far I have come in a year. We also had the end of RTÉ’s Operation Transformation 5k in Phoenix Park and what a day that was.

Phoenix Park 5k run 

The crowd that gathered at Phoenix Park were all there for one reason and that was to complete their own goals that they had set and, by God, I think everyone did themselves proud.

It goes to show that you don’t need to be an athlete to get out and run 5k because there were people there that were all different shapes and sizes.

IMG_2427 Alan with leader Lucy.

For me, the crucial part about the run was when someone was going to give up. A voice would come from behind them and encourage them to drive on that little bit more.

It’s great to see so many people do a small thing like that, because it gets people more determined to cross that finish line with their head held high, regardless of time.

Bad news this week 

Now, it’s time for the bad news, so whilst back GAA training I ended up tearing ligaments in the back of my left leg. It was devastating as I am getting on so well with my weight loss journey and I was more determined than ever to shed the weight.

But, in a second it could all be over just because of one simple movement.


I went to the physio who I must say was an absolute gent and basically told me I had a grade two tear and that I would be out between 4-6 weeks. Automatically I thought there has to be away around it, that I would be able to train, even though I can’t use my legs.

Straight away I contacted my personal trainer, Stephen Spollen in Rahan Fitness, and within an hour he had a new exercise regime made up that wasn’t going to affect my lower body, but would still get me into a sweat and would burn the calories.

I suppose anyone that suffers a setback in their journey to lose weight often thinks about just throwing their hat at it and walking away altogether, but for me, this time it was different. I know what I want to achieve and my goals are set to a high standard.

Failing for me is thoroughly not an option at all, because I know in my own heart and soul I am better than that and there really is no excuse to what you can achieve when you put your mind to something.

It really is all about positive thinking and make sure that any negativity that starts to creep in is gone straight away and nipped in the bud.


It has been an amazing year for me so far and I will not stop until I reach my goal. It has also been an absolute pleasure being able to write for and many thanks for people who continue to support me.

I’m forever thankful for it. One thing I always say to people who are down and out is never forget where you have come from, because when that low point does hit, remember that you don’t want to ever be in that situation again.

My final motivational quote for you guys is:

I may not be at my goals yet, but I am a lot closer than where I was yesterday, all was push forward and never look back.

Anyone with any questions or wants to follow my plan and see my progress can check me out on Facebook at Alan Mullen OT Leader 2015 or on snap chat at Murphy1010 or instagram murph-mullen and finally my new website , and until I see you again, enjoy your health.

Alan Murph Mullen was a leader on Operation Transformation in 2015. You can still catch up with Operation Transformation on their website here and catch up with the videos on YouTube here. You can also stay up to date on Facebook. You can keep up with updates from Alan on his Facebook page hereHe’s also now on Snapchat: murphy1010.

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