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1. #EXPENSIVE: The Standards in Public Office Commission spent almost €300,000 investigating a senator’s €2,000 expense claims.

2. #THE GOOD LIFE: A study has found young adults in Ireland are almost twice as likely to suffer quality of life problems than those over 70.

3. #RIP: A 36-year-old man, one of the 19 people charged over the Jobstown protest, died of a heart attack last week before a hearing to dismiss his charges.

4. #RALLY THE TROOPS: Enda Kenny will address Fine Gael at the weekly parliamentary party meeting following the recent attempt at a leadership heave.

5. #LONG WAIT: The number of inpatients on a waiting list for over a year has jumped by 1,535%.

6. #SLOW DOWN: Dublin City Council is asking members of the public for views on proposals to expand the 30km/hour speed limit in certain residential areas.

7. #NORTH CAROLINA: The son of Irishman Jason Corbett said in court documents that his father punched his stepmother Molly, according to reports.

8. #BACK-TO-SCHOOL: It is costing parents almost €1,000 a year to send their children to primary school, research by the Irish League of Credit Unions found.

9. #CAMEREXIT: David Cameron will leave Downing Street for the last time as British Prime Minister later today.