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# ageing - Monday 2 November, 2020

Germany legend 'slowly passing to the afterlife'

Gerd Mueller suffers from dementia and lives in a specialised care home.

# ageing - Tuesday 25 August, 2020

Opinion: Clifden opened wounds, but we must resist the urge to lock down Irish life entirely

Consultant Geriatrician, Professor Rónán Collins says it’s more important to ‘add life to years’ than ‘add years to life’ and that Irish life must go on, despite Covid-19.

# ageing - Tuesday 19 March, 2019

Opinion: What can we learn from the Irish people who live to be 100?

Resilience, positivity and staying connected are the keys to longevity, writes Alison Fagan, who visited Ireland’s inspirational centenarians.

# ageing - Sunday 6 August, 2017

Left to die at the side of a road - south east Asian country's ageing population leads to humanitarian crisis Myanmar This post contains videos

Left to die at the side of a road - south east Asian country's ageing population leads to humanitarian crisis

Years of domestic turmoil and a health system in tatters has seen Myanmar abandoning its elderly to their fate.

# ageing - Thursday 13 April, 2017

Dublin adults over 10 times more likely to rely on public transport than those in rural areas

The report found that just one in 10 older adults in Ireland relied on public transport.

# ageing - Sunday 12 March, 2017

Elderly South Korean cheerleaders offer glimpse of world's longest-living women

“Because I come here, I don’t need to take any medicine,” said 82-year-old Oh Geum-Nyu.

# ageing - Sunday 5 March, 2017

Kate Beaufoy: 'Who cares about the carers? I was a fit fifty when I took on a job of care. I nearly cracked up'

Throughout the country, women in their sixties (an estimated 66% of unpaid caregivers are female) are bathing and dressing and feeding infant grandchildren and ageing parents, writes author Kate Beaufoy.

# ageing - Wednesday 7 December, 2016

'When I came in here I couldn't walk. Now I've just been told I can go home'

The Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing was launched today by Michael D Higgins at St James’s Hospital, Dublin.

# ageing - Tuesday 9 August, 2016

Four-year-old boy being treated for mysterious ageing disease

Bayezid Shikdar’s illness makes him look like an old man, in addition to various other health problems.

# ageing - Sunday 10 April, 2016

Men's health: Feel a mid-life crisis coming on? It's time for an action plan

Many men struggle to cope with the challenges presented by middle age, writes psychotherapist Karl Melvin.

# ageing - Thursday 28 January, 2016

From The Daily Edge 28 signs you're definitely past your early 20s The Slow Cooker Era

28 signs you're definitely past your early 20s

It literally you.

# ageing - Wednesday 13 January, 2016

Think the health service is bad now? Doctors say it's going to get worse

Because people are living longer.

# ageing - Wednesday 8 July, 2015

From The Daily Edge Gossip websites tried to say Meg Ryan looked 'unrecognisable' and nobody is having it Meg Ryan

# ageing - Monday 18 May, 2015

It's official: I've found my first grey hair... The inevitable is happening.

It’s fair to say that I’ve developed a slight hang up about getting older.

# ageing - Monday 4 May, 2015

What has it really been like for older people during austerity?

The magnitude of the impact of the recession on older people is as diverse as the ageing population itself.

# ageing - Monday 30 March, 2015

From The Daily Edge These Irish kids' definitions of 'old' will depress you Cheeky

These Irish kids' definitions of 'old' will depress you

“Forty is kind of old.”

# ageing - Wednesday 28 January, 2015

Opinion: Age-ing or Sage-ing? It's time to focus on the positive aspects of getting older

Disempowering attitudes towards ageing are pervasive in our culture, leading to the more positive dimensions of ageing getting lost.

# ageing - Tuesday 30 September, 2014

Opinion: Losing a parent to dementia requires a unique form of emotional stamina

Every time you see them, you grieve a little bit more, but you never, ever show it.

# ageing - Wednesday 30 July, 2014

Opinion: Ageism is far too prevalent, we need a cultural shift in how older people are perceived

Older adults are too often seen as ‘burden’ rather than people who helped build societies and economies.

# ageing - Sunday 20 July, 2014

Poll: Have you discussed your final wishes with your family? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Have you discussed your final wishes with your family?

A new initiative is encouraging people to do so.

Opinion: We have made no preparations for our ageing population

Ireland’s population is growing older and living longer – and the reality is we are not prepared for the fallout.

# ageing - Friday 18 July, 2014

80% of Irish over 50s are overweight

The study, led by Trinity College, found that Irish men are on par with Americans when it comes to obesity.

# ageing - Wednesday 16 July, 2014

Opinion: Older people and Gaeilgeoirí are right to be indignant – this Cabinet doesn't care about them

The new Gaeltacht minister isn’t fluent in Irish and the de-prioritisation of older people’s issues has been rubber-stamped; whole sections of society are being disenfranchised.

# ageing - Sunday 15 June, 2014

Opinion: Would you know if an older relative, friend or neighbour was being abused?

Despite the caring, protective, respectful attitude Irish society likes to think it has towards older people, elder abuse is widespread.

# ageing - Sunday 4 May, 2014

Opinion: How we deal with illness and ageing is painfully outdated

Our current model of healthcare was developed to deal with a very different world: one in which people did not survive long into old age and acute illness was the main cause of death.

# ageing - Thursday 10 April, 2014

Column: Let's change the language we use about older age

A sharp contrast exists between public and private representations of ageing – and the reality of later life is often misrepresented, writes Prof Thomas Scharf.

# ageing - Tuesday 1 April, 2014

From The Daily Edge Three-year-old finds out she's going to be four... and is totally devastated Getting Older

Three-year-old finds out she's going to be four... and is totally devastated

We feel you, kid. We feel you.

# ageing - Tuesday 11 February, 2014

'Not enough nursing home beds to meet demand and it's only going to get worse'

Tadgh Daly, CEO of Nursing Homes Ireland said in the next seven years, the population over 85 will grow by 46 per cent.

# ageing - Thursday 14 November, 2013

The 'sandwich generation': Large number of women supporting their adult children and elderly parents

The majority of Irish women aged 50-69 with children and living parents are providing care to both groups, a new study shows.

# ageing - Tuesday 1 October, 2013

Ireland is the 12th best place in the world in which to grow old

The country receives a high ranking in the category that measures social connections and physical safety, but fares less well for ‘employment and education’.

# ageing - Tuesday 17 September, 2013

Want to have your say about growing old in Ireland?

An audience of up to 100 older people will have their say on the question ‘Are we minding an ageing population?’ tonight.

How lifestyle changes can reverse ageing

Fancy stopping Father Time? Eat your greens and meditate, researchers say.

# ageing - Thursday 11 July, 2013

Mental performance of people aged in their nineties 'improving'

Human beings are not only living longer, but are also enjoying a better quality of cognitive abilities into older age, a new study into mental performance in the elderly has found.

# ageing - Friday 28 June, 2013

Column: We need to make our society and cities age-friendly

Let’s move on from the twentieth century, where older people were thought of as dependents. Older people can – and must — contribute to economic growth, writes Michael Hodin.

# ageing - Friday 14 June, 2013

New EU-funded device detects when a pensioner has a bad fall

Around 20 per cent of elderly people receive hospital care every year after a fall.

# ageing - Friday 24 May, 2013

Column: Without planning the dream of retirement can turn into a nightmare

You may have planned your finances down to the last cent – but have you considered the psychological impact of never going to work again? It’s harder to adjust than you might think, writes …

# ageing - Wednesday 27 March, 2013

'Alarmist' concerns about an ageing society do not justify welfare cuts

A series of papers on Europe was launched by the Lancent Medical Journal this week. It also found a growing disparity between male life expectancy in eastern and western Europe.

# ageing - Wednesday 13 March, 2013

Concern for elderly health over budget cuts

Older people are more likely to spend more nights in hospital and to visit the GP, a TILDA study found.

# ageing - Friday 23 November, 2012

Why older people struggle to read fine print - study

Older adults rely more on holistic cues, such as word shape, when reading.

# ageing - Saturday 8 September, 2012

From The Daily Edge Watch Noah age 12 years in just 8 minutes Ageing This post contains videos

Watch Noah age 12 years in just 8 minutes

The US photographer has taken a photo a day of himself for the last twelve and a half years.

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