day 10

Blood spatter expert says evidence suggests Ana was struck a number of times while lying on floor

Two boys have pleaded not guilty to Ana’s murder.

THE MURDER TRIAL of Ana Kriegel has heard from a blood spatter expert who said the evidence suggests she was struck a number of times as she lay on the ground of a derelict farmhouse where her body was later found. 

John Hoade is a DNA and blood pattern analysis expert from Forensic Science Ireland. He attended the scene at Glenwood House a day after 14-year-old girl’s body was found, where he conducted a number of tests. 

He said he observed there was impact spatter and cast-off blood staining and saturated blood staining in a corner of room to the left where Ana’s body was found. He said there was also a blood swipe pattern. Hoade explained that this could have been by the transfer of blood from a blood-bearing surface to another surface.

The blood spatter expert explained that a cast-off pattern is very often found when someone is assaulted with a weapon. He told the court that the blood will travel along the weapon and would be transferred onto surfaces nearby. 

Two boys, known as Boy A and Boy B, have pleaded not guilty to Ana’s murder. Boy A has also been charged with aggravated sexual assault – a charge he also denies.

It is being alleged by the prosecution that Boy A murdered Ana and sexually assaulted her. It is the prosecution’s case that Boy B assisted the murder and knew what was going to happen.

Hoade told the court that the carpet in the room in Glenwood House had been saturated with blood. The jury has previously heard that the house was in very poor condition and there was debris in many of the rooms. Some of the roofing had also collapsed in places.

In his evidence to the court, Hoade said that the impact spatter and cast off patterns indicated to him that Ana was struck several times as she lay on the floor. He added that the saturation pattern on the carpet told him that her body lay in this position for a period of time before being moved to another part of the room.  

Hoade also told the court that there was evidence that Ana was struck a number of times while she was standing up. He said that this was due to blood spatter patterns being found on areas of the wall higher up than the other blood evidence which suggested she was struck while on the ground. 

Clothes taken 

Earlier this morning, the court heard from Detective Garda Gabriel Newton who had interactions with boy Boy A and Boy B during investigations. She was initially dealing with the alleged assault suffered by Boy A in the park on the day of Ana’s disappearance.

Newton said she requested the clothing Boy A was wearing and said it was important she did so as there could be traces of the attackers’ DNA which could have been transferred to his clothing during the assault. 

The court was then shown the clothes Boy A had been wearing on the day. His iPhone was also taken as evidence. 

Detective Garda Newton said she also called to the home of Boy B a number of hours after Ana’s body was found. She had arranged this meeting prior to the discovery of Ana’s body.

The clothes worn by Boy B on the day were also handed over with the permission of his parents.

The trial continues.