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Author: 'There is a magic to literary translation, it matters'
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'I bring my passion for sport and connect that with my passion for God'
Limerick Leaders - 'When it is your child out there, this rearing thing within just kicks in’
Davina McCall: All those menopause symptoms - it’s not your fault, it's the hormones
Extract: 'My mother was given a half hour’s notice to get me ready to have me taken from her'
Justine Bateman: 'Men’s older faces have always signified power, but for women that means a loss of power'
'9 years at the top could make your head swell, but come the first session of the year, they’re nobodies'
'Our culture was still ingrained with the idea that Real Men don’t show their feelings'
'I wasn’t brought up with any education in this area... Sex was rarely discussed'
'Sterling has an unshakable faith in God and in the fact that his own talent is God-given'
'My mobile started ringing. I recognised the dialling code: +679. Fiji'
'I found myself at the heart of a new conflict: between Graeme Souness and myself'
Opinion: 'Let go of the fantasy of being on top of things - those days are gone'
Declutter your friends: 'Trying to keep old friendships alive ties you to the past'
Fertility treatment: 'There may be no happy ending, but we wouldn't change anything'
'Declan Murphy dies in horror fall': The jockey writes about that fall, reading his own obituary and his long recovery
Arthur Corrie Lewin - the Irishman who went missing while flying over Africa
Soldiers, sailors, diplomats: The forgotten Irish who changed Latin America
Boomtown Rats, condoms and unemployment: Memories of Dublin in the 70s and 80s
"Sackville Street was a scene of wreckage. The air still smelled of fire"
'I will go at him with every strength and fibre of my being.'
My journey to complete an old Premier League sticker album
Extract: How it feels to wait for a heart transplant