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Here's what breakfast is like around the world

Some look amazing.

BREAKFAST IS THE most important meal of the day, keeping us healthy and sharp. But breakfast foods vary wildly from place to place.

In European countries like Spain, France, and Italy, the first meal of the day is a quick piece of bread or pastry and strong coffee. Meanwhile in Korea, breakfast is a sweeping event that crowds the table just as much as dinner.

CHINA: Traditional breakfasts vary by region, but the combination of fried dough sticks (or “you tiao”) and warm soy milk is beloved by millions. Dim sum and hot soups like congee are also popular.

china-traditional-breakfasts-vary-by-region-but-the-combination-of-fried-dough-sticks-or-you-tiao-and-warm-soy-milk-is-beloved-by-millions-dim-sum-and-hot-soups-like-congee-are-also-popular Source: Flickr/Lian Cheng

BRAZIL: Strong coffee and milk is enjoyed with a plate of ham, cheese, and bread. Feijoada, a thick soup made with black beans and different meats, is also served in the morning.

brazil-strong-coffee-and-milk-is-enjoyed-with-a-plate-of-ham-cheese-and-bread-feijoada-a-thick-soup-made-with-black-beans-and-different-meats-is-also-served-in-the-morning Source: Flickr/toomuchkatherine

COLOMBIA: Breakfast in Colombia revolves around the arepa, a dense, slightly sweet corn cake that’s served simply with butter or topped with eggs, meat, or jam.

colombia-breakfast-in-colombia-revolves-around-the-arepa-a-dense-slightly-sweet-corn-cake-thats-served-simply-with-butter-or-topped-with-eggs-meat-or-jam Source: Flickr/Gabriel Garcia Marengo

CUBA: The typical breakfast tostada (grilled, buttered bread) is served alongside or dunked into cafe con leche.

cuba-the-typical-breakfast-tostada-grilled-buttered-bread-is-served-alongside-or-dunked-into-cafe-con-leche Source: Flickr/Jorge Gonzalez

FRANCE: A traditional breakfast is coffee and either baguette or croissant. Like Cubans, the French often dip their buttered bread into coffee.

france-a-traditional-breakfast-is-coffee-and-either-baguette-or-croissant-like-cubans-the-french-often-dip-their-buttered-bread-into-coffee Source: Flickr/Jeremy Keith

GERMANY: Germans dig into an assortment of fresh breads, cold meats, local cheeses, butter, and jam.

germany-germans-dig-into-an-assortment-of-fresh-breads-cold-meats-local-cheeses-butter-and-jam Source: Flickr/Philby

INDIA: Breakfasts in India vary by region, but often you’ll find a tray like this one, crowded with chutneys, dips, and breads like dosa, roti, or idli.

india-breakfasts-in-india-vary-by-region-but-often-youll-find-a-tray-like-this-one-crowded-with-chutneys-dips-and-breads-like-dosa-roti-or-idli Source: Flickr/Steven Levin

MEXICO: The first meal of the day is hearty, with dishes like chilaquiles (below) and huevos rancheros being popular choices. Sweet rolls and coffee are lighter options.

mexico-the-first-meal-of-the-day-is-hearty-with-dishes-like-chilaquiles-below-and-huevos-rancheros-being-popular-choices-sweet-rolls-and-coffee-are-lighter-options Source: Flickr/Jeff Kramer

JAPAN: Traditional breakfasts include miso soup, steamed white rice, pickled vegetables, and proteins like fish and Japanese omelet (or “tamagoyaki”).

japan-traditional-breakfasts-include-miso-soup-steamed-white-rice-pickled-vegetables-and-proteins-like-fish-and-japanese-omelet-or-tamagoyaki Source: Flickr/Bryan

RUSSIA: Griddle cakes are huge in Russia. There’s cheese-stuffed syrniki, crepe-like blini made with kefir, and fluffy oladi, which are about the size of a biscuit.

russia-griddle-cakes-are-huge-in-russia-theres-cheese-stuffed-syrniki-crepe-like-blini-made-with-kefir-and-fluffy-oladi-which-are-about-the-size-of-a-biscuit Source: Shutterstock

KOREA: A Korean breakfast looks strikingly similar to a Korean dinner. There’s rice, soup, the ever-present kimchi, some type of fish or beef, and other leftovers from the previous night’s dinner.

korea-a-korean-breakfast-looks-strikingly-similar-to-a-korean-dinner-theres-rice-soup-the-ever-present-kimchi-some-type-of-fish-or-beef-and-other-leftovers-from-the-previous-nights-dinner Source: Flickr/Lisa Risager

UNITED STATES: Breakfast foods vary widely from place to place, but eggs, potatoes, and bacon or sausage is the common trinity.

shutterstock_47738836 Source: Shutterstock/Hannamariah

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