File photo of Sean Quinn Junior and his wife Karen Woods leaving the High Court. Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland

Commercial Court to allow cross examination of Quinn family

The order allows IBRC to question them about their about bank accounts as well as the alleged transfer of assets to offshore companies.

THE COMMERCIAL COURT has today ruled to allow IBRC to cross examine the Quinn family about their assets.

Mr Justice Peter Kelly found that there is jurisdiction to make the order to cross examine the family members of bankrupt former billionare Seán Quinn, who was sentenced last month to nine weeks in prison for contempt of court.

Senior counsel for the Quinns had criticised the order sought as amounting to a “fishing expedition” or roving cross examination.

However the judge said he was satisfied that cross examination is necessary to “fill the vacuum” which IBRC alleges exists in previous affidavidts. IBRC wishes to question Quinn’s five children and three of their spouses about their assets and back accounts in Ireland and worldwide.

The order also covers documents relating to the Quinn family members’ control of the Quinn International Property Goup and the alleged transfer of assets to offshore companies.

The purpose of the cross examination would be “to elicit with greater particularity the extend and whereabouts of the defendants’ assets”, IBRC said.

Mr Justice Kelly said he was satisfied that the order does not in any way dilute or interfere with the entitlements against self incrimination which the defendants have.

The hearing will take place on 24 and 25 January.

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