# Cyanide

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War criminal swallowed cyanide in courtroom, autopsy finds
North Korean antics aside, poison has been a hugely popular killing agent through the ages
Enough cyanide 'to wipe out Roscommon' lay in farmer's shed for 45 years
Apricot kernels are sold as a superfood, but health watchdogs say they could poison you
Congressman says he'll 'take cyanide' if Ted Cruz wins White House nomination
Huge factory explosion contained hundred of tonnes of cyanide
The White House was sent an envelope filled with cyanide
Look up! We'll be able to see a cyanide-releasing green comet today
Jonestown victims' remains discovered at disused funeral home 35 years after tragedy
More than 300 elephants deliberately poisoned in Zimbabwe park
Sixteen arrested in Jakarta over food poisoning terrorist plot