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Disclosures tribunal: 'Appalling' idea to hold investigating interviews in station both whistleblower and accused garda worked
'Not conceivable' that journalists were negatively briefed about Maurice McCabe says Tribunal chair
Garda civil servant testifies that he did not say gardaí were 'going after' Maurice McCabe
Martin Callinan's 'disgusting comment' led to 'open season' on Maurice McCabe
Tribunal hears details of text messages between Garda Keith Harrison and his partner Marisa Simms
Ms D, the woman at the centre of the Disclosures Tribunal, will give evidence this week
Gardaí told social worker they had to keep erroneous McCabe report on file
Psychologist felt 'wave of panic' after mistakenly describing serious allegations of abuse against Maurice McCabe
Martin Callinan accused of telling politician that Maurice McCabe 'was a kiddie fiddler'