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Thursday 23 March 2023 Dublin: 12°C

# European Space Agency

Last year
# To infinity...
British medic set to become first astronaut recruit with a disability
The European Space Agency calls John McFall a ‘Parastronaut Feasibility Study Member’.
European Space Agency to launch Ireland's first satellite early next year
It will orbit 520km above Earth’s surface in what is known as low Earth orbit.
# European Space Agency
Europe’s joint Mars mission with Russia postponed by Ukraine war
The goal is to put Europe’s first rover on the red planet to help determine whether there has ever been life on Mars.
All time
# the good information project
What does membership of the European Space Agency mean to Ireland?
It’s about cash and credibility as much as chasing comets.
# space debris
Man-made 'space junk' is already making it more difficult to explore the final frontier
So what are organisations like the European Space Agency doing about it?
# spásaire
270 Irish people have applied to be an astronaut - so will we see an Irish person in space?
“That is what speaks to me about being an astronaut – it gives me the opportunity to make the world better and to inspire other people to do the same.”
# European Space Agency
World's largest iceberg - slightly bigger than Majorca - breaks off Antarctica
The iceberg is around 170 kilometres long and 25 kilometres wide, and is floating through the Weddell Sea.
# Water Water Everywhere
Lake of water discovered beneath the surface of Mars
The discovery has led to the eternal question to be asked once more – could there be life on Mars?
# Fly me to the moon
There's a European plan to have 100 people living on the Moon by 2040
The European Space Agency says it needs political backing.
# we have liftoff
European Space Agency gives go-ahead for Ireland's first satellite
An Irish project was selected by the ESA’s Fly Your Satellite! (FYS) programme.
Irish students to talk to astronaut in live chat from space
They’ll talk next week.
# end of mission
The pioneering Rosetta probe has crash-landed on Comet 67P
Wild cheering erupted in the mission control centre in Darmstadt, as spacecraft operations manager Sylvain Lodiot announced the official end of mission.
# Fly me to the moon
Some very bright Irish people are set for placements with the European Space Agency
The numbers employed in the space industry here are set to double to over 1,000 according to the agency.
# The Red Planet
WATCH: Spacecraft blasts off in new mission to search for life on Mars
The key goal is to analyse methane, a gas which is created in large by living microbes.
# peakey blinder
UK astronaut Tim Peake arrives at International Space Station
The 43-year-old said he would call his relatives from space to wish them a merry Christmas.
We're getting children excited about outer space at an earlier age
My inner space nerd was delighted to be accepted onto the European Space Agency’s workshop for primary school teachers.
# sealed off
Evacuation on ISS after toxic leak alarm sounds, all astronauts safe
Nasa says the no leak has yet been confirmed.
# big philae style
Exploding rockets and chasing comets - The year in space exploration
What a year it’s been…
# sleep tight
Philae probe has fallen asleep after its batteries ran out
The robot probe managed to transfer all of the data it collected to its mother ship before it took its eternal nap.
# comet landing
Philae hopes to communicate drilling results soon, but could it be its final hours?
Due to the lander’s position scientists are concerned about the battery supply.
# c-langers
Here's what Comet 67P would look like if it landed in Cork City
It’s safe to say Elysian wouldn’t look so tall anymore.
# dark side of the comet
Ever wanted to see a comet up close? You're in luck
The photos were shot from a distance of 30km or less.
# Pungent
Comets smell like a mix of rotten eggs, horse pee, alcohol and almonds
Almonds? Ugh.
# together at last
Rosetta spacecraft reaches comet it's been chasing for ten years
For today, Rosetta will travel alongside the comet but will later start its orbits.
# space probe
Comet-chasing probe sends back pics of 'strange-looking potato' formation
The Rosetta probe is due to land on the comet in November – and its latest pictures suggest it is made of two distinct parts.
# Rebel Alliance
The final frontier: Cork company set for space trip after contract win
A medical devices company in Cork has won a €1 million contract with the European Space Agency
Column: Look up! The Red Planet is continuing to shine brightly in the night sky
With Mars currently in opposition, and shining with an orange tinge, Conor Farrell explores our fascination with the Red Planet.
ESA launches rocket that will create a detailed map of the Milky Way
Today engineers will command Gaia to perform the first of two critical thruster firings to ensure it’s on the right trajectory.
Urban beauties: Incredible view of cities from space
The European Space Agency’s Envistat and other satellites have captured manmade features from above.
# the magnetic fields
European space mission to explore strange changes in Earth’s magnetism
The European Space Agency is preparing to launch three hi-tech satellites this Friday.
# Satellite
European satellite to crash to earth this weekend
The chances of a human being hit are about 65,000 times lower than getting struck by lightning, the European Space Agency.
NASA aborts spacewalk after helmet leak
The dangerous water leak occurred in the helmet of Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano about an hour into the spacewalk.
# Space
Chris Hadfield's replacements to study plants and fire in space
Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin will lead his six-month mission with flight engineers Karen Nyberg and Luca Parmitano.
# solar storms
New solar storm detection centre for Europe
The centre in Brussels is part of wider system that tracks objects in space that threaten to collide with the Earth.
# Sunscreen
Irish company wins €500k deal to make sunscreen for satellites
Enbio signed the contract with the European Space Agency.
# Technology
Dublin start-up wins at European Space Agency technology awards
Vicinity Systems was named the Irish winner and shortlisted for the ESA Special Prize for Innovation at the international Galileo Masters competition.
# European Space Agency
Irish company Techworks Marine lands major space contract
The firm will now lead a European Space Agency research project.
# final frontier
Ireland's space programme: what Irish tech developments are heading out of this world?
From exercising in space to 3D animations, here’s how Ireland is contributing to global research for future space missions.
# Space
European Space Agency sets sights on Jupiter
New mission will focus on the gas giant’s three large icy moons.
# Red Planet
Scientists find evidence of ancient ocean on Mars
A two-year investigation by a European Space Agency probe has found strong new evidence to show there was once an ocean on the red planet.