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Ireland's first satellite, built and designed by UCD students, has been launched into orbit
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Large asteroid to safely zoom between Earth and Moon this evening in once-in-a-decade event
All time
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World's largest iceberg - slightly bigger than Majorca - breaks off Antarctica
Lake of water discovered beneath the surface of Mars
There's a European plan to have 100 people living on the Moon by 2040
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Irish students to talk to astronaut in live chat from space
The pioneering Rosetta probe has crash-landed on Comet 67P
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Philae hopes to communicate drilling results soon, but could it be its final hours?
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European satellite to crash to earth this weekend
NASA aborts spacewalk after helmet leak
Chris Hadfield's replacements to study plants and fire in space
New solar storm detection centre for Europe
Irish company wins €500k deal to make sunscreen for satellites
Dublin start-up wins at European Space Agency technology awards
Irish company Techworks Marine lands major space contract