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Graham Dwyer jury finish second day of deliberations

The jury asked to see a number of exhibits today as they resumed deliberations.

Updated 11.20pm

THE JURY IN the Graham Dwyer trial have concluded their deliberations for a second day.

The jury re-entered the court at 4.12pm. The jury were asked if they had reached a verdict. The foreman answered: “No.”

The jury have been deliberating on a verdict for 4 hours 55 minutes.

Earlier today, the jury of seven men and five women requested to see several exhibits – a runner found at the scene where Elaine O’Hara’s remains were found on Killakee Mountain, the rucksack found in Vartry reservoir, all the knives referred to during the trial and the spade.

They later asked to see tracksuit bottoms, a hoodie, cuffs and mask all referred to during evidence.

There was also some confusion over one exhibit – 115 – which was a letter between Mr Dwyer and his son Mr Senan McShea. The judge said Mr McShea gave evidence about the letter, rather than the letter being introduced as an exhibit.

Before lunch time the jury asked for a larger screen so that they can better view some items.

The judge told the jury that if they had not reached a verdict by tomorrow they would be asked to come back in on Monday.

Yesterday, Justice Tony Hunt said the jury had to find Mr Dwyer either guilty or not guilty of the murder of Elaine O’Hara on 22 August 2012. He stated that the causation of murder put forward by the prosecution is stabbing.

- First published 4.30 pm

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