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Irish Property Council calls for a “truth commission”

The organisation has called for a truth commission that would hold the government, banks, Financial Regulator, Central Bank, and the Department of Finance to account for contributing to the economic crisis.

AN ORGANISATION REPRESENTING builders, developers and investors has called for a “truth commission” to be established in order for those responsible for Ireland’s economic collapse to be held accountable – rather than the families and businesses currently being prosecuted through the courts.

The Irish Property Council (IPC) has called on the government to “recognise the catastrophe” that has befallen ordinary Irish people, who are being held “singly responsible” for the country’s financial crisis.

“It is causing the most incredible stress and disillusionment amongst the public and citizens of the state where the only resolution for those affected is through the courts since they are being held singly responsible,” the IPC said in a statement, adding: “All reports commissioned by government, including the Wright report, the Regling and Watson report – and last week the Nyberg report – are holding the government, banks, Financial Regulator, Central Bank, and the Department of Finance responsible”.

The organisation said that the so-called “truth commission” would aim to force those individuals and departments responsible for “substantially” contributing to the country’s problems to admit responsibility and accept accountability for their actions.

“The continued destruction of people’s lives through court actions by financial institutions which substantially contributed to the crisis is no longer acceptable and is an abuse of legal process and powers,” it said.

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