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Unaccompanied driver on learner permit for past 30 years detected travelling at 147 kph
Learner driver has car seized after speeding with expired permit and no L plate
Shane Ross says new law was needed as gardaĆ­ seize 377 cars driven by unaccompanied learner drivers
'We're working on it': Taoiseach admits there are unacceptable delays in driving test wait times
From midnight, it's illegal for car owners to let unaccompanied learners drive their vehicle
Cabinet approves changes to make it illegal to let unaccompanied learners drive your car
Learner caught driving high on cocaine, cannabis and benzodiazepines
Over 150 unaccompanied learner drivers involved in serious or fatal collisions in last five years
F1 youngster to sit driving test after finishing fourth at Hungarian GP
Even Irish army tanks need L plates, you know
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Poll: Do you agree with a harsher penalty points system for novice drivers?
43 per cent of learner permit holders drive unaccompanied
Warning over unofficial driving test websites
Drunk man gets 8-year-old son to drive truck