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# mi6 - Saturday 19 August, 2017

British spies are keeping tabs on potential extremists in Ireland

It is understood that they are operating in at least two Irish cities.

# mi6 - Sunday 30 November, 2014

'We even f**ked up fiddling it': The Sunday Times' remarkable World Cup bid allegations

A previously-unseen submission from the newspaper alleges the England 2018 team hired outside agencies to spy on rivals.

# mi6 - Thursday 7 November, 2013

"Our adversaries are rubbing their hands with glee. Al-Qaeda is lapping it up." - MI6

British spy chiefs said today that intelligence leaks by Edward Snowden were being used by enemies to change the way they operate.

# mi6 - Thursday 11 July, 2013

Luxembourg PM Juncker resigns in spy scandal

A fixture on the European scene during the financial crisis, Juncker recently faced Luxembourg’s first confidence vote in 150 years.

# mi6 - Wednesday 2 May, 2012

Coroner unable to return 'unlawful killing' verdict in British spy inquest

The body of Gareth Williams, 31, was found stuffed into a gym bag in his London home.

# mi6 - Monday 5 September, 2011

British intelligence inquiry to study Gaddafi links

Documents found after rebels took Tripoli have shown cooperation between British and US intelligence operatives and Gaddafi’s regime.

# mi6 - Friday 5 August, 2011

'Weigh importance of info sought against pain inflicted': UK's secret policy on torture

A top secret document has been obtained by the Guardian detailing the UK’s policy on torture.

# mi6 - Friday 3 June, 2011

Operation Cupcake: Britain's MI6 switches al-Qaeda bomb plans with recipes

Magazine’s instructions for how to create bombs using household items were swapped with some of the Best Cupcakes in America.

# mi6 - Tuesday 26 April, 2011

Al-Qaeda operative worked for MI6, according to Guantánamo files

A man accused of bombing churches and a hotel in Pakistan was working for MI6 at the time the attacks took place.

# mi6 - Tuesday 15 February, 2011

Couple sought over MI6 officer's death may never be found, say police

Inquest hears that two people wanted in connection with the death of Gareth Williams are unlikely to ever be traced.

# mi6 - Friday 4 February, 2011

Britain under threat from 'under-the-radar' domestic terrorists

A WikiLeaks document reveals that MI6 is fearful from the threat of home-grown terrorists it does not know about.

# mi6 - Thursday 28 October, 2010

MI6 chief: we have nothing to do with torture Intelligence This post contains videos

MI6 chief: we have nothing to do with torture

In the first ever public speech by a serving head of MI6, Sir John Sawer insists his organisation does not engage in torture.

# mi6 - Monday 6 September, 2010

Police release new footage of murdered MI6 man Spy Murdered This post contains videos

Police release new footage of murdered MI6 man

Appeal for information to help solve mystery death of 30-year-old spy.

# mi6 - Tuesday 31 August, 2010

British spy helped thwart Al Qaeda bomb plot

Police dismiss reports alluding to Williams’ private life as investigation into his death continue.

# mi6 - Friday 27 August, 2010

MORE DETAILS HAVE EMERGED about the personality and private life of Gareth Williams, 30, an MI6 worker found dead inside a sports bag in his flat.

Police found the decomposed remains after Williams’ colleagues reported they hadn’t seen him for 10 days.

Investigators believe he may have been dead for up to two weeks, and will carry out more toxicology tests in their attempt to determine the cause of death. A post-mortem held earlier this week proved inconclusive.

The investigation will include examinations of Williams’s mobile phone and Sim cards found at the scene, as well as his financial records and as CCTV cameras in operation on the streets near the flat.

Williams’ parents returned from a holiday in the US and Canada to identify their sons remains.

A private person

Family member, William Hughes, described Williams as a very private person, saying he had never known him to bring home a partner or discuss his work:

I knew he worked at GCHQ and he had been working in London but I didn’t know what he did. It wasn’t said that we shouldn’t talk about it, I simply never asked and he never told me.

He said that he didn’t know what his nephew did for a living, but believe he was very talented.

Dylan Parry, a childhood friend of Williams, described him as “the kind of person who found it difficult to engage with people on a normal level.”

Gareth Williams had completed his A-level maths and computer science exams by the age of 13. His old maths teacher said:

He was the best logician and the pupil with the fastest brain I have ever met. You only had to say things once, that’s why he was so successful. He could understand things immediately.

In June 2001, Williams dropped out his Cambridge masters course in advanced mathematics after failing an exam, and shortly afterwards began working at GCHQ in Cheltenham. GCHQ is the British government’s listening and communications branch of the security service. 5,500 people work there.

Cycling fanatic

A neighbour of the Williams’ family in Anglesey, north Wales, said that Gareth was a fitness fanatic who particularly enyjoyed cycling:

Gareth was a smashing lad and really into his cycling. His father was called ‘Mr Fitness’ round here because he was a keep-fit fanatic. I don’t even think either of them drank. I think they were teetotal.

Gareth and his dad used to cycle round here together, in Lycra kit and helmets.

A cyclist at the Holyhead cycling club of which Williams was a member for over a decade, said he “wasn’t a great conversationalist” and that no one at the club had spoken to him about his employment or his personal life.

# mi6 - Thursday 26 August, 2010

FURTHER TESTS ARE TO BE carried out on the remains of an MI6 employee after a post-mortem proved inconclusive. The death is being treated as suspicious.

The examination was carried out yesterday.

The body of Gareth Williams, 30, from Anglesey, was discovered stuffed into a large sports bag in the bathroom of his home in Pimlico, London, on Monday.

Williams’ flat was just half a mile from the headquarters of the Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6.

He had been working for MI6 on a one-year posting, but was due to return to his regular position at GCHQ next month in Cheltenham. GCHQ is the British government’s listening and communications security centre.

Police broke into the apartment after Williams’ colleagues at the security agency reported they had not seen him for 10 days.

They also found a mobile phone and several Sim cards laid out in the flat.

His landlord, Jenny Elliott, said that he lived in the flat for 10 years, and was often away: ”He went to America to work a lot and often combined it with holiday because he hated flying.”

She said he was due to return to the flat early next month after living in London for the year.

Williams’ uncle, Wililam Hughes, said that the victim’s parents had to fly home from holiday to identify his body. He said the news came as a shock, and that he had been a quiet and unassuming person. He said of his nephew:

He would never talk about his work and the family knew not to ask.

Former MI6 officer Harry Ferguson told the BBC that both MI5 and MI6 will be involved in the investigation, and will be examining Williams’ private life in case it in any way relevant for the inquiry.

[caption id="attachment_15437" align="alignnone" width="511" caption="File photo from last year of the headquarters of MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service, in Vauxhall, London. "][/caption]

# mi6 - Wednesday 25 August, 2010

A MURDER INVESTIGATION has been launched by Scotland Yard after a British spy was found dead at his flat in London.

The man, in his 30s, is believed to have been a communications worker at GCHQ, home of British intelligence services.

The badly-decomposed body was found in a sports bag in the bath after police forced their way into the flat in a five-story townhouse in Pimlico on Monday afternoon.

The headquarters of MI6 is just a few hundred yards from the flat.

A post-mortem will be carried out today to determine the cause of death. The body may have lain in the apartment for some time.

One neighbour told the Telegraph:

A police officer came to my house and asked if we had noticed anything suspicious in the last 10 days, so I think that the body has been there for a while. There have been forensic people in and out since yesterday.

The street has been cordoned off for a technical examination, and counter-terrorism and security services are helping the police in their investigation.

In 2006, the former spy Russian Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned with polonium in London after defecting to the UK in 2000 and reportedly falling out with then-Russian president Vladimir Putin.