# Miracle

Last year
After losing first leg 4-0, Sheffield Wednesday seal play-off miracle
All time
Jurgen Klopp almost turned off TV before ‘Miracle of Istanbul’
Romain Grosjean leaps away from burning car after first lap crash in Bahrain
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Clare diver who flew out to Thai rescue mission says boys 'are true heroes' as he lands home
Irish nurse helps deliver baby boy on board rescue ship
Kit-mas miracle - kitten survives being put in a bag and thrown into the sea
'I'm back' - politician returns to work in Washington after being shot and left at death's door in June
'The best match I have ever played in my life' - Miracle at the Nou Camp: who said what
4-year-old who was 'internally decapitated' in horrific crash to make a full recovery
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Two years after being declared dead following a fall, an Irish jockey will return to the saddle next month
An ancient Chinese medicine could help treat MS and diabetes
Coma survivor who fell off 20ft balcony says he owes his life to paramedic who saved him
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Woman gives birth to baby that doctors told her had been dead for weeks
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So, someone has gone ahead and made some chocolate Tayto
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