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Quiz: Can you pass this Driver Theory Test?

Do you know really know the rules of the road?

YOU’RE A GREAT driver, aren’t you?

You’ve got the licence to prove it and years of experience behind the wheel. But how long has it been since you brushed up on your driving theory?

Do you know – really - know the rules of the road, or have you been coasting since you passed your test?

We’ve taken 40 questions from the Road Safety Authority’s Driver Theory Test to see how well you’d manage if you sat the test again.

Can you get 35 or more questions correct and pass? Take our quiz below.

What does this sign mean?
Junction ahead with merging traffic
Junction ahead with road of less importance

T-junction ahead with dual carriageway
T-junction ahead with roads of equal importance
When is it permissible to overtake another vehicle on the nearside (left-hand side)?
Only when there is no cycle lane
When there are three lanes available in fast moving traffic

When the vehicle in front is signalling to turn right
A driver must never overtake on the left
What should a driver who wishes to perform a turnabout do?
Check ahead and behind for oncoming traffic and turn briskly while still keeping a look out
Drive into somebody's driveway and reverse back onto the road

It is not permissible to perform a turnabout in any circumstance
Drive onto a footpath if necessary in order to ensure that they have sufficient room to turn
What does this sign mean?
Steep decline to the left
Pass on the left

Keep left
No left turn
What should a driver do when they see joggers ahead on the left?
Check the mirrors, indicate and overtake, allowing them sufficient clearance
Expect them to move in out of the driver's path

Indicate and overtake allowing sufficient clearance
Sound the horn and flash the lights to warn them of your presence
What effect could a front-tyre blow-out have on a vehicle?
The wheels will lock up and stop rotating
The steering wheel will pull to one side

Anti-lock brakes will be automatically disengaged
The steering wheel will stay in the straight on position
What should a driver do on the approach to this situation?
Drive on because the oncoming traffic must wait
Give way only if you are towing a trailer or caravan

Reduce speed and stop if necessary
Increase speed in order to clear the bridge before the oncoming car
In normal driving conditions on a motorway, which lane should the driver occupy?
Drive in the offside (right-hand) lane unless intending to take a left exit
Drive in the nearside (left-hand) lane unless intending to overtake

Drive in the offside (right-hand) lane as the nearside (left-hand) lane is for HGVs and buses only
Constantly manoeuvre between whichever lane has the least volume of traffic
Why is tailgating (driving too close behind the vehicle in front) dangerous?
The braking system is less efficient in the slipstream of the vehicle in front
The engine may overheat because of restricted air flow over the vehicle's engine

The vehicle will not have sufficient distance to stop safely in an emergency
The vehicle will exceed the speed limit
When meeting an oncoming vehicle at night, what should a driver do?
Focus eyes directly on the steering
Focus eyes directly on the oncoming vehicle's lights

Increase speed to pass the oncoming vehicle
Avoid looking directly at the oncoming vehicle's lights
Where is a driver allowed to park?
Where there is a continuous white line along the centre of the road
On a footpath

At road works
Where the driver is not blocking other road users their view of traffic signals or the road ahead
What is a clearway?
An area that is strictly reserved for the loading and unloading of HGVs
An area that is reserved for pedestrians and motorised wheelchairs

An area where stopping and parking is not permitted during certain times
An area where stopping and parking is reserved for buses and taxis only
What does this hand signal mean?
The driver intends to turn right
The driver intends to turn left

The driver intends to go straight ahead
The driver intends to slow down or stop
What is the minimum legal tread depth for tyres on cars?
0.6 millimetres
1 millimetre

1.6 millimetres
2.6 millimetres
When should a driver use their hazard warning lights?
When the vehicle has broken down
When the brake lights are not working

When parking for a short time on a single yellow line
When about to pull in and stop
Where safety belts are fitted to a car when must adult occupants wear them?
Only on journeys outside built-up areas
At all times

Only on journeys exceeding 10 kilometres
Only on long journeys
The driver is approaching traffic lights that they know have been green for some time. What should the driver do?
The driver should maintain speed until the light changes to amber
The driver should stop as the lights are about to change to red

The driver should be aware that the lights may change before they reach them and be prepared to stop
The driver should be aware that the lights may change and accelerate to clear the lights before they do
How does giving a late signal affect other road users?
They are not affected
It only affects other road users at traffic lights

They may not have been given sufficient time to react
It only affects other road users at roundabouts
What should a driver do in a queue of traffic controlled by traffic lights?
A driver should maintain their position in the queue
Overtake on the right and move to the head of the queue if there is space available

Put on a right signal to prevent following vehicles from overtaking
Overtake on the left and move to the head of the queue if there is space available
What should a driver who is upset or angry and about to undertake a journey do?
Nothing - being upset or angry does not affect driving
Drive slower than normal for a distance

Drive faster than normal for a distance
Not drive until they are calm
What should a driver do when overtaking parked vehicles in a residential area?
Keep close to the parked vehicles allowing maximum room for oncoming traffic
Allow sufficient clearance when passing

Move as far to the right as possible
Increase speed to overtake the vehicles as quickly as possible
What should a driver do if they encounter loose chippings on a road?
Stop the vehicle until the loose chippings can be removed
Slow down and allow extra clearance to other traffic

Press their hand against the windscreen
Increase speed so as to avoid causing damage to the vehicle
If driving from A to B, what do these road markings mean?
A driver may cross the lines to overtake
Oncoming traffic may not cross the lines to overtake

Only motorcyclists may cross the lines to overtake
A driver may not cross the lines to overtake
When approaching a roundabout, to whom should a driver give way?
Heavy goods vehicles on the roundabout
The driver approaching the roundabout always has right of way

Traffic approaching from the right or already on the roundabout
Pedestrians and cyclists on the roundabout
What should a driver do when entering a tunnel?
Drive closer to the vehicle in front
Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front

Switch off the radio to avoid distractions
Never drive below the posted speed limit
When negotiating junctions, which road users are particularly vulnerable?
Tractor drivers
Minibus drivers

Van drivers
What could happen if a driver parks on a footpath?
Traffic could be impeded
The tyres will lose air pressure

Pedestrians could be impeded
The suspension will be weakened
When should a driver use the vehicle's rear view mirror?
Before changing direction
Before reversing only

Before switching on the rear demister
Before moving off only
Which of the following affects the braking distance of a vehicle?
The power of the engine
The use of unleaded fuel

The speed and weight of the vehicle
The brake-pad clearance
When are children allowed to stand with their heads up through an open sun roof?
When they are aged more than 12 years
When travelling at speeds below 30 km/h

When they are wearing eye protection
What should a driver do if their vehicle gets into a rear-wheel sideways skid?
Turn the steering wheel in the same direction as the rear wheels are heading
Apply the footbrake to bring the vehicle to a halt

Apply the handbrake to bring the vehicle to a halt
Turn the steering wheel in the same direction as the front wheels are heading
How do you make sure your vehicle is parked safely?
Avoid reversing your vehicle into a space
Drive into parking space as quickly as possible

Don't park it where it may endanger other road users
Park your vehicle opposite another vehicle on a narrow road
When should a driver use dipped headlights?
From 00:00 hrs to 06:00 hrs
When visibility is less than 300 metres

When visibility is less than 200 metres
From just after dusk to just before dawn
What should a driver do when being overtaken by another vehicle
Increase speed
Continue at the same pace

Slow down quickly
Move to the right
When is the use of the horn prohibited?
Between 11:30 pm and 6:00 am on any road
Between 11:30 pm and 7:00 am in a built-up area

At all times in a built-up area
Between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am in a built-up area
What should a driver do when they intend to reverse into a side road?
Focus totally on the left side door mirror while reversing
Open the left side door fully to look behind

Check carefully all around before and during the reverse
Angle the door mirrors down before reversing
In general how regularly should a vehicle be serviced?
As per the manufacturer's recommendation
Every 30 months

Once a year
Every 30,000 kilometres
To whom should a driver report aggressive driving?
Transport Infrastructure Ireland
Road Safety Authority

Health & Safety Authority
Local Garda Station or Traffic Watch
What happens if the vehicle has a flat battery?
The engine will not start
The battery will have to be replaced

The battery will leak acid into the engine
The head light bulbs will have to be replaced
What does this sign mean?
Dual carriageway ends
Road narrows ahead

Oncoming traffic has priority
Tunnel ahead
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