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# robots

Last year
Channel 4’s Christmas message to be AI-generated and delivered by a robot
The message will be delivered by Ameca, one of the world’s most advanced robots.
All time
From shoes to prosthetic arms, there is a growing appetite for personalisation in medtech
The Irish manufacturing industry is using new tech to develop ‘batch-of-one’ processing.
Work-It: Are robots really going to steal your job?
With tech’s rapid development, are we really at the mercy of machines or is it all just hype?
An Irish robot called Stevie made the cover of Time magazine
The robot was built and designed in Trinity College Dublin.
Poll: Are you worried a robot could take your job?
Two out of five Irish jobs are likely to be “substantially impacted” by automation, according to new research.
Robots to take 20 million jobs in the manufacturing industry by 2030
Robots have already taken over millions of manufacturing jobs.
Tayto Park wants humanoid robots to make the queue at its water ride more entertaining
At peak times, customers have to wait up to two hours to get on the Viking Voyage attraction.
Poll: Are you worried a robot could take your job?
The Taoiseach has said “almost anyone in employment at all levels” could be affected.
Varadkar warns that robots and artificial intelligence pose risk to people's jobs
The Taoiseach has said many professions could be affected, meaning people will need to upskill and retrain.
Bye-bye pizza guy, no more spice bag shame: The future of getting a takeaway
Oh, and… hello flying robots.
Would you buy a coffee from this robot? It just started working at Japan's 'strange cafe'
A coffee will cost you about €2.50.
Elon Musk backs call for killer robots to be banned
“We do not have long to act. Once this Pandora’s box is opened, it will be hard to close.”
Two robots casually debated the future of humans in Hong Kong this week
One “joked” that he thought the robots’ goal was to take over the world.
Sex robots could help elderly, disabled but may lead to more objectification of women, study warns
A new report examines the implications of sex robots going mainstream in the next 10 years.
Are robots going to take all of our jobs?
Robots should be given legal status as 'electronic persons' and fitted with 'kill switches' - EU
An EU committee has made a raft of recommendations about the future of AI.
Driverless cars - another step towards Big Brother?
“Data is the new oil,” Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich said last month.
Meet Kirobo, Toyota's new friendly robot that could cure your loneliness
The ‘companion robot’ keeps you company but is far from smart.
Fancy having your portrait drawn by three robots called Paul in Dublin?
The opportunity is part of a new exhibition at Dublin’s Science Gallery.
Tech billionaire believes robots will reduce us to the role of a 'house cat'
And that’s the good scenario.
Think Google's robots are weird? You ain't seen nothing yet
These two-legged robots are the latest creation from one of Google’s robotics labs in Japan.
Turns out real dogs don't really like Google's robotic dogs
Even when it’s controlled by a human, they’re still not keen on them.
Watch Google's robot be bullied and terrorised by its creators
Smacking boxes out of its hands, and pushing it face-first onto the ground are par for the course when testing a robot.
Soon robots will be able to see the world the same way we do
Recognising objects and figuring out if you’re happy or not will soon be the norm, and companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are pushing it forward.
Robot owners told not to have sex with them
Want to grab some Java?
Microsoft is teaching a robot to have a sense of humour
It’s to help The New Yorker sift through entries for its caption competition, but there’s a bigger reason behind it.
Beloved robot hitchhikes around the world, gets destroyed after two weeks in America
Some of the world's top scientists think it's judgement day in the battle against robo-killers
Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Steve Wozniak are all on board.
Scientists are on the cusp of these 11 discoveries that will transform the world
Many of the devices that power our everyday lives would have been unimaginable a century ago.
These are the 20 jobs most likely to be taken over by robots
Is yours one of them?
This four-legged robot can jump over walls without breaking its stride
In the future, hiding behind a small wall isn’t going to help you.
Watching Google's new robot dog get kicked is oddly unsettling
‘Spot’, the latest four-legged robot from Google-owned Boston Dynamics, is able to regain its balance after being kicked or shoved.
Russia is training killer robots, as you do
Should we be alarmed?
Amazon has an army of robots helping it send gifts on their way
The company has deployed more than 15,000 wheeled robots to travel around its biggest warehouses and help deliver goods to employees.
Google working on quantum computing chip that will help develop artificial intelligence
The aim is to develop a chip that will allow machines to one day think like humans.
What happens when a robot doesn't know something? It just goes on the internet
The Robo Brain system will allow robots to use the internet to learn about objects and how they’re used, along with human language and behaviour.
These freaky self-assembled robots build themselves from flat pack
It’s all over people, we don’t have a prayer.
'Automation is Voldemort': tech experts polled on the future impact of robots and AI
“What are people for in a world that does not need their labour, and where only a minority are needed to guide the ‘bot-based economy?’”
Is a Terminator-style robot apocalypse a possibility?
And why are scientists afraid to talk about it?
Here's What Happened Today: Tuesday
Everyone’s talking about Garth Brooks, the cabinet reshuffle and Google smartphones for robots