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February 2024
Biden accuses Trump of pressuring Republicans to reject border measures and Ukraine aid deal
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Raphael Warnock wins Georgia election runoff, giving Democrats an outright US Senate majority
Uvalde school where mass shooting took place to be demolished
Democrats’ effort to secure US abortion access in law blocked by Republicans
Biden's push to save voting rights agenda appears doomed as key US senator opposes changes
Biden and Democrats prevail as US senate approves Covid relief bill
McConnell says Trump 'practically, morally responsible' for provoking Capitol riots - but voted to acquit him
Trump lawyers wrap up case after three hours, call impeachment unconstitutional 'vengeance'
Senators are posing questions to both legal teams
Democratic impeachment managers rested their case yesterday after two days
Biden "anxious" to see how Republicans will vote tomorrow
Senate votes to continue with impeachment trial as Democrats to outline case against Trump
Impeachment case against Donald Trump opens with video of Capitol violence
Trump's second impeachment trial to begin today
Lawyers leave Trump's impeachment team ahead of trial
All but five Senate Republicans vote against holding Donald Trump impeachment trial
Impeachment case of Donald Trump moves closer as House delivers charge
Former astronaut takes Senate seat previously held by John McCain
Here's what you need to know about the US Senate and House post-election
US Senate race tightens as Republicans hold off Democrat challengers
Trump hails 'momentous day' as Amy Coney Barrett sworn in to the US Supreme Court
Trump's Supreme Court nominee refuses to commit to recusing herself from election cases
Trump's Supreme Court nominee to tell US senators that judges should not decide policy
US Senate and White House reach agreement on $2 trillion Covid-19 rescue package
Senate approves limiting power of Donald Trump to attack Iran
Trump fires officials who testified against him during impeachment trial
Impeachment trial: Democrats and White House lawyers wrap up cases as closing arguments heard
Trump set to be acquitted if senators block further witnesses in impeachment trial
The thorn in Trump's side, the TV evangelist and the celebrity lawyer: Who's who in the impeachment trial
US Senate leader backs down on proposed impeachment trial rules after backlash
Donald Trump's lawyers ask for his immediate acquittal, as impeachment trial to begin today
Explainer: Here's what you need to know as Trump's impeachment trial gets under way
Donald Trump has been impeached by House of Representatives in historic vote
US Senate fails to block sale of $8.1 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia
Row breaks out in Alabama senate over 'foetal heartbeat' abortion law
Donald Trump Jr subpoenaed to testify before Senate panel in Russia probe
Some US Republicans side with Democrats to block Trump declaring a border emergency
Police investigating nooses found by Mississippi Capitol before US Senate runoff
Making history: The fresh faces en route to Washington DC
Mitt Romney, who Trump branded a 'stone cold loser', wins Senate seat
'A battle for America's soul' as public go to the polls in historic midterms today
Senators back Brett Kavanaugh, paving way for Supreme Court confirmation
Woman who accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault to testify on Thursday